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Benefits of Auctions – Handle Your Property and Estate Wisely

Some families will choose auctions as a way to handle the property and estates of their loved ones. These events can be used to sell valuables and art collections of all sorts. There are auctioneers and estate sale companies around the country that organize these auctions. They help sellers advertise their events, as well as, showcase items to be sold.sold

You may choose to sell valuables, property and machinery at auctions. Your items will be reviewed for value and priced to sell for a profit. Those who own shops or stores often like to participate in auctions. This is a way to secure items that can be resold. Sellers ultimately benefit from these auctions because they can sell wisely. These events are professionally done and can result in very successful sales. Here are some of the additional benefits of property auctions:

More Bidders

According to Home Guides, property auctions are useful vehicles for selling estate items and residences. There are more bidders in one location taking interest in what is being sold. Estates tend to include a variety of different things. Some will have vehicles and machinery items. Bidders will be able to place their best offer based upon the state of the items being sold. Buyers of residential properties must have financing guidelines in order before bidding. This may also be necessary for car and vehicle purchases.

Less Advertising

When you sell your property in a traditional way, advertising is essential. You will need a list of materials to announce the sale of items. Posters, flyers and even brochures can fit into this category. The internet is another tool that is used for estate sales and yard sales. Auctions offer you another way to sell valuables without the cost of extra advertising. Auctioneers generally do the advertising required for these events.

Firm Selling Date

Auctions have a firm date and time. Interested bidders understand that they must be present in order to bid on items. When you sell personal property in another way, there is no guarantee when things will be sold. Auctions offer sellers confidence when it comes to making profits on valuables. Buyers benefit from these events, as well. They will know right away if their bids have won and been accepted.  Companies that offer both auctions and estate sale services to their clients maximize the value for the homeowner.

Sellers plan auctions when they are relocating to different areas. This may require selling residences, commercial properties and other things. Auctions give you an alternative when it comes to wisely handling important items. They also benefit you by providing funds immediately after the event takes place. In order to get the best value, discuss your goals with a local estate industry professional to guide you with your plans.


Decorate Your Home with Great Antique Pieces – Special Estate Sale Purchases

Many people who attend estates sales do so looking for specific items. Antiques are among the most popular items. It is possible to find antique furnishings, décor and other pieces.

You can decorate each room of your home with the right antique piece with a special estate sale purchase, how?.

Estate sales are wonderful events to attend to find those special items. Families use these sales to ensure that their loved ones belongings are being handled properly and will end up with someone that appreciates and loves them as much as they did.

These events are a good way to experience closure while valuing the estate. Antiques fit into a number of categories and will range in price. Some items will be separate from complete sets or have missing components. There are estate sales that have a number of great complete sets of antiques, China and furnishings. The fun part, is not knowing what you’ll find and how it will fit into your decor, so going is a must!.


french kitchenDefine Your Kitchen Space

There is nothing like transforming an existing space in your home. Kitchens are some of the most used rooms. Antique China Cabinets are brilliant additions to this space.

These can be used to store flatware collections. Antique breakfast tables or nook style tables are great for smaller dining spaces. These are items that can even work in your small apartment. You can use estate finds to define the look and appeal of your kitchen space.  If you decide to change your decor a month later, you didn’t break the bank, go ahead and start your decor passion again.

cool library

Create a Stylish Reading Room

Reading rooms were very popular years ago and quickly gaining popularity today.  With the stresses we face everyday, the little oasis can bring peace and serenity into your home.

These rooms can double as a library space with book shelves and desks. Using antique finds is a terrific way to decorate and add personality to the space, add a few antique books while you’re at it.  Your local estate sales are filled with antique, amazing hard covers.


Design the Bedroom Setting

Your bedroom needs to be a relaxing space that is visually appealing. At the same time, you want this space to be comfortable and inviting.

Antique poster beds are lovely accents to any bedroom. Queen or king size beds can be positioned in a place of prominence in the room.



Along with beds, you may find an array of antique chairs. These pieces can be used for reading or relaxing in this room. Side tables, area rugs and other items may be found at estate sales for your bedroom.  Mismatching is in, so keep that in mind when you’re picking those unique chairs and blend color.

Thrifting estate sales is thrilling for collectors and interior decorators.  The possibilities are unlimited, from fine art to amazing unique pieces of well made furniture and more is enough to turn a non-shopper into an avid estate sale shopper.

If every in Orange County, CA.  You must check out the abundance of great finds at their upcoming estate sales online.

Estate Sale finds for children room decor

vintage kids room decorThere are many stores that sell pre-packaged décor items for kid rooms. These are often cartoon characters or movie logos products. It is possible to decorate an authentic themed kid’s room from items found at estate sales. You can find great antiques for these sorts of projects. At the same time, you locate collector items, as well.

These sales are events that help the family find closure for their loved one. They offer beautiful options for others to decorate their homes. Kids of all ages will be able to enjoy the furnishings, artwork, mementos and décor that these sales provide. With a creative eye and a few tailoring techniques, it is possible to create a memorable setting in your kid’s room.

Sports Paintings

Paintings are some of the most popular items purchased at local estate sales. Collectors often visit these sales to find pieces by particular artists. There are sometimes pieces that have sports themes. These can be used in rooms with this type of theme in its décor or furnishings. Baseball, basketball and tennis are some of the paintings in this category. Colors that compliment these paints can work to complete a setting.


Photographs whether in color or black and white can be used to decorate kid rooms. Some of these may showcase famous individuals or popular landmarks. Photos of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty can help harmonize with Paris or New York themes. There may be photos of certain activities that create your theme, as well. Swimming, cooking, painting and other activities may be a part of what interests your child.


Many children love to collect hats. There are hats commonly associated with sports, while others have a carefree connotation. Creating wall displays with unique hats is an idea for older children. Estate sales are terrific places to find these hats. Dated ladies hats with flowers and feathers can be found in vivid colors. Cowboy hats with unique shapes offer another decorating idea.


An antique tricycle or a baseball glove is items that can be used in your project. It is often a simple job to bring these items up to par. You can clean many toys and display them in your kids’ room projects. Depending on the type of toy, it may be possible to utilize it for play. There are great finds that are decades old and valuable at these sales.

The finds purchased from an estate sale can hold a lot of promise for decorating projects. Sculptures of animals, plush toys and antique furnishings can be re-purposed to suit your kid’s room. This is a nice way to decorate multiple rooms with items that are not easily available at retail stores. These are creative ways to make your kid room a one and only design.

Orange County’s Grasons Co shares interesting Estate finds that actually sold

There are many people who enjoy embarking on a tour of yard sales. These individuals have been able to find great items that may have been missed otherwise. Estate Sales are a whole new world to people who are interested in peculiar finds. It doesn’t matter whether you are a current collector or hope to become one. These sales are wonderful events for finding diverse pieces.

You can find items to decorate your home or to resale. Today’s estate sales are modern ways to not only get rid of unwanted furnishings. They offer those with a good eye to find diamonds in the rough. In fact, jewelry isn’t a farfetched wish at some of these estate sales. Companies hosting these sales showcase many exclusive items. It is possible to find a host of peculiar items at the average estate sale. These are often valuable finds or those that are extremely sentimental. Let’s take a look at some of the peculiar finds that actually sold at estate sales.

colorful tableA Maison Coffee Table with Paint Couture

This unique coffee table design sold for $225. It was a colorful piece that had a paint couture detail. There are a number of ways to go use this type of piece. It can be repurposed as an end table or night stand. Those who enjoy wood work this type of table can be refinished and painted a new color. It can take on any color scheme that you want. This fun find is a collector’s dream.

An 1800’s Wardrobe with Italian Ivory

Dated pieces are extremely exciting finds at estate sales. This wardrobe piece sold for $475. It is a true antique that could possible bring a higher value from a collector. This is a great wardrobe that can be used in any bedroom setting. The Italian Ivory was joined by metallic accents that added charm to the piece.

A Nippon Grape Design Antique Vase

nippon vaseThis vase sold for $150 but held a lot of character in its colorfulness. This antique style vase was decorated with a traditional grape detail. Such details usually represented an idea of bounty. They were used in kitchen spaces or placed on dining tables. This could also be a nice piece for a collector or floral enthusiast.

Estate sales offer you the opportunity to see rare items that could be decades old. Antique finds along with interior décor pieces are fine items for remodeling living spaces. Some of the finds at these sales are unique and surprising. Attending an estate sale is definitely a good way to find the peculiar charming piece.

One of the leading Orange County Estate Sale companies, Grasons Co. has revolutionized the estate sale industry by combining expertise, appraisers, marketing and various other methods that ultimately help buyers find amazing rare pieces and sellers to get the most for their valuable items.

Secret holiday shopping tips for antique treasures

antique santaIt doesn’t matter whether you are a collector or a store owner. Antiques are great finds that can be very valuable. Estate sales are some of the best places to find these treasures. There are helpful websites that advertise these events. They also host these sales for friends and loved ones. You can visit these sites to find out when these events are taking place and where. At the same time, you will be able to see the items that are going to be sold.  Let’s face it, even Santa likes to sip his tea in antique Lenox.

Antiques are some if the valuables that are sold at these events. Vehicles, clothing, machinery and even appliances are included in many of these sales. Visiting sale sites is a good way to find the pieces that you are looking for. They often showcase special items with pictures and historic facts. If you are a collector, you can use these sites to complete a series. If you are an antique store owner, you may find treasure items to resale. These sales can help you to locate works of art or valuable furnishings. Let’s take a look at how to benefit from these sites.

Attend Scheduled Sales

Estate sale websites are useful tools for finding out when these events are taking place. Companies that supply this information often host these sales. Attending them is a good way to find antiques that have long since been lost. There are often antiques in these sales that are quite valuable.

View Premier Pieces

Premier pieces are those that are especially valuable. Estate sale sites show photos of these premier pieces. Sculptures, works of literature and fur clothing are sometimes included in estates. The size of the estate will often impact the pieces that are sold. Antique premier pieces are often resold for much more than they’re valued at.

Collect Artwork

Some of the world’s most important artists have works that are yet to be found. Even lesser known artists have pieces that collectors want to buy. Estate sales are good places to look for this artwork. It is possible to find art that is used to decorate your home. You may find pieces that are currently sought after by other antique buyers.

Find Traditional Décor        

There are many different types of traditional décor that fit into the antiques category. Traditional pieces are terrific for decorating residences of all types. Etched mirrors of various shapes are antique décor items. Artistic wall mounts and décor items are classic finds at estate sales. These antiques are valuable works by original artists.

Locate Jewelry

Antique Jewelry is one category of antique items that are found at estate sales. Gems that have been lost for decades can be located at these events. Necklaces, earrings, rings and broaches are jewels that have been handed down for generations. These sales can be used to find dated pieces that are valuable.

Estate Sales allow you to showcase, price & sell your merchandise

overwhelmedThere can be many challenges to organizing an estate sale. This is true no matter what the size of the estate. Small and large estates can have diverse items to sell. Sometimes there are large pieces that need to be organized and priced. Vehicles, works of art, sculptures and jewelry are often a part of these sales. Organization certain plays a large part in this process. The more organized the event, the more successful it will be.

Planning an estate sale on your own can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately this is not something that you have to do. There are great estate sale companies that specialize in organizing your estate sale. They not only assist you with the merchandise but a location to host the sale. Advertising is an important consideration when it comes to these events. The internet can be used to revitalize the connotation of these sales. Preparing ahead of your sale is a good way to showcase your valuables. Here are some tips for successful estate sales:

Get Assistance with the Sale

Estate sales can be filled with emotions and important considerations. If you’ve never planned one before, you may want to get some assistance. There are companies that specialize in these sales. They can help you with the details of your event, along with advertising. This is a good way to earn more for your sale.

Separate Items to Keep

Families often have special items that they want to keep. Some of these are valuables, while others are simply keepsakes. It is a good idea to determine what these things are before planning your sale. This allows everyone to get what they want. Estate sales can be done in a variety of ways. Unorganized sales usually end up getting rid of things that may be valuable to the family.

Organize Merchandise

Organization is absolutely important when it comes to planning an estate sale. There will be items of various sizes to sell. You will need to separate these items for the pricing process. In some instances, it will be necessary to get assistance with pricing. Jewelry is one type of item that can bring in a lot of money. Clothing, books, art and other items need to be considered together.

Pricing Merchandise

Pricing estate sale items is another critical part to planning your sale.  This is why many people rely on a professional estate sale company to handle their sale. It is very important that items are priced properly. This allows you to get the most for each item. Furniture and vehicles are some of the large items that may be considered. Depending on the value of these things, they may bring in quite a lot.

Showcase Sale Location

Companies that provide estate sale services often provide locations for these events. That is one extra thing that sellers can not worry about. The size of the estate will determine how much space is needed. It is important to provide buyers with enough space to shop and see everything available.

Spotlight Special Items

The internet has become a good tool to use for these sales. It allows you to spotlight items that are special. A diamond ring or bracelet can be pictured on the event site. Buyers searching for particular items are likely to attend when they see them showcased properly.  Companies such as Grasons Co., rated as the No. 1 estate sale company in Orange County relies on internet marketing and a large following of consumers.  After all,  for a successful sale to occur the customers must show up to buy.

Grasons Co., a leading estate sale company in Orange County, CA invites you to join them on Facebook, for tips and more…


Help in accurately pricing items for a successful estate sale

appraising antiquesIf you’ve never participated in an estate sale before, it is likely that you are overwhelmed. There are many different things to consider when it comes to these sales. The size of the estate is definitely one of these things. Small estates can sometimes take place at the home itself. Large estates will have more items to sell and may require a roomier locale. The items being sold are another big consideration in these sales.

These are items that have to be organized and categorized. Clothing and jewelry can be some of the largest categories in these sales. Some estates include outdoor machinery like lawn equipment, tractors and combines. Vehicles may even be a part of this type of sale. Items will need to be valued so that they can be sold. Buyers want to know that they are getting authentic items or pieces. They should also feel confident in their purchase. Accurate pricing is essential to any successful estate sale. Getting help with your sale is the best way to plan ahead.  “Do not throw out anything!, what you may consider trash could be someone else’s treasure” Simone Kelly owner of Grasons Co., Orange County’s #1 rated estate sale company.

antique items

Pricing Artwork

Some estates have artwork that has been done by the masters. Monet, Picasso and many of the great artists have pieces that are quite valuable. There are works that are by less famous artists that can bring a high price. It is important that these estate items are valued by a professional estate sale company that has the expert contacts and collectors readily available. Often shoppers know what they are looking for and a reasonable cost. The better art is priced the more likely it is to sell.

Pricing Jewelry

There are often many pieces of jewelry in an estate sale. Necklaces, rings and other pieces are designed with gems. Getting this jewelry valued is the best way to sell them. You can use the assistance of consignment shops that provide estate sales services. Jewelers in your city are not a great resource for this process because they only value the gold not the manufactured finished product.

Pricing Vehicles

Kelly Blue Book is one of the most popular resources for valuing vehicles. This book can be used in many instances for estate sales. Other vehicles may factor into this process. Boats, outdoor machinery and golf carts are sometimes vehicles that are in the estate. You will need to have these vehicles valued so that you can price them appropriately.

Pricing Appliances

Estates that include large homes or more than one home will have appliances. Depending on the age of the home, these appliances can be new. Older appliances are sometimes less likely to sell or to sell at a high price. It is important that you consider this when pricing refrigerators, washers, dryers and other household items.

Things to know before arriving to an Estate Sale

EstateSale-FEstate sales can be a fantastic option for those who wish to purchase things they would not otherwise be able to afford, or for those who are looking for antiques. Many people have no idea what they are getting into when arriving at these estate sales, however, so they can get impatient and frustrated. By reading these all-important items, you can stop this from happening to yourself. Please continue reading to better understand what it is we mean.

Be Prepared To Spend A Good Amount of Time At The Sale.

First and foremost, you should know that you could very well be several hours. While the deals make it more than worth it, many people arrive at estate sales without knowing this key information. You see, only so many shoppers are allowed inside at a single time. This cuts down on mayhem while shopping and stops people from stealing the items inside of the house since they can be better watched, but it also increases the amount of time you may spend there. People line up and are given tickets which have numbers written on them. Depending on the size of the home in which the estate sale is happening, anywhere from five to twenty-five people will be allowed in at a time. When your number is called, you will be able to go inside. Until then, you have to wait your turn, somewhere within hearing distance of the person calling the numbers.

You May Have To Come Back The Next Day. If there are a lot of people who wish to shop at the estate sale, there is a chance you may have to come back again the next day to get your turn. The good news is that you will either have your name written down or will bring your number home with you because the people from the day before will be amongst the first people to go inside. This means that if you do have to come back the next day, you will not spend very much time waiting.

 You Should Bring Plenty of Money. The true thrill and excitement behind estate sale shopping is the fact that you have no idea what is inside. Since you could stumble upon that once in a lifetime purchase (that one thing you have been searching for so long) you will want to bring plenty of money, just in case.

The good deals found at these sales also means you may find multiple things you need. These items may include: furniture, clothing, kitchen supplies, books, movies, and much more. Since these items are priced much lower than the same items found in stores, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to purchase them should it arise. Remember that spending $50 more than you planned to when you are at the estate sale could result in over $200 savings in the long run, and most people feel it is well worth it.

What’s an Estate Sale? the practical definition of estate sales

estate sale1An estate sale may also be known as an estate liquidation. This is a type of sale that might be carried out as a liquidation sale, in order to dispose of a large amount of items. These items were either owned by a person who has recently passed away, or by a person who must get rid of a large amount of personal property in order to move.

When a person passes away, it is very common that the surviving family members do not want or need a vast majority of items. These family members may choose out a few personal items that hold sentimental value to them, but this usually does not include an entire house filled with furniture, antiques, clothing, and basic necessary items. An estate sale is the simple solution to the problem of what to do with all of those items that no one seems to want or need, by allowing it to be bought by those who could make good use of it.

lineforestateOther examples of why an estate sale may occur includes when the property owner may be making a move where he or she is unable to keep their personal belongings. Examples include moves to assisted living facilities, retirement communities, rest homes, and sometimes even military housing. Occasionally these sales will also occur in the event of a divorce, foreclosure, or relocation where it would be cheaper to buy new items then to carry their old ones with them.

grasons co

Upcoming Estate Sales

Estate sales also known as tag sales, are carried out by professional estate sale company who usually conduct the sale for a previously agreed upon percentage of the revenues. A professional is more able to carry out the proceedings as it may be difficult for the survivors of a deceased loved one to sell these items, despite deciding upon it. The actual carrying out can be much more emotional than simply deciding to proceed with the sale. If you care to look at it another way, professionals are also better equipped to market a sale as well, and often knows the actual values of items better than an average person. This means that they will be able to charge a correct amount, rather than take a bid far too low or far too high for the desired item.

To prevent a mad dash through the doorway at the beginning of a sale, estate sale patrons are given a number. Only so many people may enter a house at a time, for obvious safety reasons as well as to give others a chance to look, and so people must wait until their number is called. Depending upon the size of both the house and the sale, somewhere between ten and twenty people will be allowed inside at a time. If a persons number is not called on the first day, they will often come back on the second day to be one of the first people entering. This process is both fair and safe, allowing everyone to get their proper turn.

Estate Sales are labeled as the great unique gift finder on a budget!

estate saleThis Holiday season some families might be spending Christmas in their new home. However, we all know that moving comes with its own little hassles, including decorating the new space.

Sure all of us wish to have a new look for the new home, yet this is sometimes impossible on a budget, or so we think. Many of us don’t consider our options when picking furniture and other home décor accessories. We usually choose to go to retail stores that have everything pre-picked and part of a set. Usually we end up overpaying for something that we can barely customize.

Considering the alternatives such as consignment shopping and estate sales can help keep you within your budget and also allow for you to mix and match pieces to make the new home your own. In-fact, estate sales can offer everything for your home. Things such as high-end linens, Persian and area rugs, amazing pieces of art (if you are lucky you may even find art/re-prints from famous painters), pots and pans, dining room sets and much, much more.

Estates sales are also a great way to find inspiration tells us Grasons Co, a leading Huntington Beach consignment store and an Orange County Estate Sale coordinator. Maybe you aren’t sure exactly how you want to decorate your home. This gives you a chance to see what others have had in their homes. You may discover that you like something you never thought would be in your taste.

Perhaps you aren’t the one purchasing a home but you have a friend who is in need of some exciting and different pieces for his/her new space. Estate sales are great gift finders. What better way to please a new homeowner than by getting them something unique, that no one else has. In-fact why not shop for everyone this Holiday. Estate sales are also known to have apparel, jewelry, things for kids and other amazing finds. Not only will this make your Christmas shopping adventurous it will keep you on a budget. This way you can end up picking up something special for yourself!

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