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5 Qualities To Look Out For In A Estate Sale Company You Want To Hire

Following are a few signs that indicate reputation and professionalism of an estate sale company. By looking out for these signs you can easily make your decision about hiring one.

  • The company should have a license and must not be reluctant to produce it if the clients ask.
  • Good estate sale companies are mostly bonded also. It is a kind of insurance where 3rd party takes guarantee for the company that it will honor agreements and contracts. In case the contract is breached, the bonding company (3rd party) will pay the client compensation.
  • A good estate sale company provides their clients with references and feedback of previous customers on their request so that they can become sure about quality of services that company offers.
  • A good and reputable company will never charge you for initial inspection of house and interview.successful

Furthermore, following are a few qualities that a good estate sale agent from any reputable company should possess in order to gain your trust and make the entire process comfortable for you:

  1. They Listen And Communicate

Each and every client is different in terms of needs, requirements and preferences. A good estate sale company shall provide you with an agent who listens and encourages you to communicate all your concerns and queries regarding the sale and items to be sold. A good agent asks their clients about their demands for each item and also communicates the market prices for them. He will not only suggest you set a reasonable price but make efforts to get your items sold in the price you want.

  1. They Are Proactive

A good estate sale agent will be proactive and will never procrastinate in dealing with the client or setting up the sale. The company will take complete responsibility of arranging the sale on the right time and will make complete efforts to make it a successful one.

  1. They Are Adaptable

The best quality that your estate sale agent can possess is the ability to read your expectations from the sale. A good estate sale company knows the limits of their clients and therefore adjust the entire procedure of arranging a sale within their financial limits with due consideration to their requirements.

  1. They Work In Your Time Frame

Every client has a time frame for entire sale in mind when they contact any estate sale company. The first thing a good estate sale company would do is to ask the client about their time frame and adjust the sale within their time limit.

  1. They Are Not Afraid Of Giving You Old Clients’ References

A cheat would never want you to know about their dealing with the previous clients. If you have any doubts about the company’s efficiency and reputation, do not hesitate in asking them for references of their previous clients. If they are not afraid to give you all the details you want, they are probably the right one to hire.

Besides all these qualities, you should also check out reputation of the estate sale company you are planning to hire in the market. Also, it is always a good idea to use references you get through your family and friends for the purpose of hiring the best one in the town.



Estate Sale Franchises Succeed by Meeting Important Needs

Estate sale franchises that meet important needs are some of the most successful. Estate sales certainly fit into this category. Families experiencing loss need assistance with this process. Some of them are unprepared when it comes to organizing belongings and valuables. This is why getting the help of professionals is important. Those who run estate sale franchises know how to plan this type of event. They have experience in not only advertising but staging items.

These sales are much more modern today than years ago. The internet provides information about these sales. It is also a tool for showcasing valuable items being sold. Franchises work to build websites that present location information about these sites. They perform services that aid the family along with giving them closure. The important needs, that these franchises offer is essential to handling an estate with care and sale

Categorize Belongings

One of the struggles that families fear is trying to categorize their loved ones belongings. In some instances, this requires going through a lot of items. Franchise owners know how to do this process in an orderly way. Clothing should be stored with like items, as well as, jewelry with other jewelry. The more organized belongings are, the more likely they are to sell.

Pricing Techniques

It is important to price belongings and valuables the right way. Jewels, for example, should be valued. This ensures that they are sold for the right price. Applying pricing techniques is a good way to get the most out of the sale. Families also see this as another way to honor their loved ones. Larger estates will have more things to price.

Staging for Sell

The staging process is another essential part to estate sales. This means showcasing important items in the best way. Some franchise owners use the internet as an aid in staging. They picture jewelry, paintings and machinery on their websites. Collectors often attend these events to complete their collections. Staging well is a terrific method for displaying and attracting attendees’ attention.

There are a number of opportunities when it comes to estate sale franchises. These are usually operated from home offices. Those running them may work full-time or part-time at other occupations. The flexibility of this work intrigues a lot of people. At the same time, you will have the chance to build a reputation that will grow your business. Quality services go a long way in helping your franchise succeed.


Increase Your Income While Helping Others Hold Estate Sales

Each year families across the country are faced with the troubles of planning an estate sale. This can be a difficult process to organize. The purpose of these events is to honor your loved ones and their belongings. Estate Sales professionals plan and organize the sale providing a hassle-free experience for the families hosting them.  These companies and their franchises have become popular.

This type of work allows many people to supplement their full-time incomes. It is possible to venture into estate sale planning as a home-based business. Providing families with detailed services as it relates to estates can be very rewarding. You may also utilize your organizational skills to make more money. The planning component of these sales is what many families struggle with. This along with finding adequate space for these events may be a problem. Your franchise will allow you to assist with both planning and scheduling details.more money

Organize Diverse Belongings

Estates are very diverse and are unique like the people who owned them. Some estates have outdoor equipment, such as tractors, mowers and other items. Others may have mostly interior belongings. The professionals who plan these sales work to organize these items. This is important not only as it relates to accurate pricing. Collections should be positioned together, priced well and showcased according to value.

Select Sale Locations

The organization process is one of the most important parts of planning estate sales. Just as important is the location for these events. The planners in this industry tend to have reserved sites for estate sales. These locations can accommodate estates of different sizes. They are designed to display belongings in the best possible light. This will play a role in the overall success of the sale.

Advertise Event Items

Advertising is critical in the planning of any event. This is particularly true for estate sales. The internet is one of the best tools for advertising. This medium is used to provide information like the date and time of the sale. You can also go online to see special items that will be sold at these events. Collectors, shop owners and other attendees will use this outlet to find out about sales.

It is possible for you to supplement your current income with a successful franchise. Estate sales are events that are needed by many families. Building a good reputation is an important part of growing your clientele. The more time invested in this work, you can earn money by securing clients. Your reputation for thorough estate sales will help you to gain more experience. These events are critical for handling special items, antiques and collectibles in the right way.

What is an Estate Sale and why Estate Sale Companies are important?

checklistAn estate sale is generally a public or private event that sells various items in the estate, home or property.  Estate sale can also be referred to as a tag sale, probate sale, trustee sale or liquidation sale.  The size of the sale itself will often determine the complexity of the sale. Some families opt to host their own estate sale, which can take place on the property itself. It has become more and more popular to hire an estate sales company to do this for you. These companies are experts when it comes to planning and advertising these events.

They can take all of the hasstle out of the process for the family. These sales are very important because they honor the life of one or more family members. They are also important because they provide closure for many people. How the estate sale is organized is essential to its success. Estate sales companies can host these events on separate locations from the property itself if necessary. They are involved with displaying key items for sale and for notifying the public of the event. It is possible to not only earn money from these sales but to locate missing or lost treasures.  Many respected estate sale companies have a large following of people and an excellent presence on the internet allowing them to bring buyers to your sale efficiently.

Search for Estate Sale Companies

There may be local estate sales companies in your city or town. In some instances, it may be possible to hire a company that is not local. Going over a list of possible estate sales companies is a good way to find the best one for you. It is important to look for one that has experience with these sales. Talking with the company is another good idea. You will want to know their capabilities to host and advertise the event.

Collect Your Valuables

Most estates are going to have valuables that the family wants to keep. Some of these items are going to be simply sentimental. Others, however, may be quite valuable.  Relying on a professional estate sale company with experience in appraising valuables allows you to maximize your benefits.  This is where appraisers will come into the picture. Many estate sales companies have access to appraisers or are appraisers themselves. They can assist you with valuing the things that you are going to keep and sell. This process may take some time but is well worth it.

Preparing for the Sale

Once your family and loved ones have removed the items that they want, it is time to prepare for the sale. There are many considerations included in this process. Items must be organized, cleans, priced and displayed. Estate sales companies in some cases have neutral warehouses in place for these events.  Grasons Co. rated No. 1 Estate Sale Company in Orange County CA, believes that items for an estate sale are best displayed in their natural locations.  They operate a large consignment shop in Huntington Beach CA, but the majority of their estate sales are held directly at the homes for that reason.  Technology has made it possible for items, jewelry and machinery to be displayed online. These techniques add to the success of the estate sale.

What’s an Estate Sale? the practical definition of estate sales

estate sale1An estate sale may also be known as an estate liquidation. This is a type of sale that might be carried out as a liquidation sale, in order to dispose of a large amount of items. These items were either owned by a person who has recently passed away, or by a person who must get rid of a large amount of personal property in order to move.

When a person passes away, it is very common that the surviving family members do not want or need a vast majority of items. These family members may choose out a few personal items that hold sentimental value to them, but this usually does not include an entire house filled with furniture, antiques, clothing, and basic necessary items. An estate sale is the simple solution to the problem of what to do with all of those items that no one seems to want or need, by allowing it to be bought by those who could make good use of it.

lineforestateOther examples of why an estate sale may occur includes when the property owner may be making a move where he or she is unable to keep their personal belongings. Examples include moves to assisted living facilities, retirement communities, rest homes, and sometimes even military housing. Occasionally these sales will also occur in the event of a divorce, foreclosure, or relocation where it would be cheaper to buy new items then to carry their old ones with them.

grasons co

Upcoming Estate Sales

Estate sales also known as tag sales, are carried out by professional estate sale company who usually conduct the sale for a previously agreed upon percentage of the revenues. A professional is more able to carry out the proceedings as it may be difficult for the survivors of a deceased loved one to sell these items, despite deciding upon it. The actual carrying out can be much more emotional than simply deciding to proceed with the sale. If you care to look at it another way, professionals are also better equipped to market a sale as well, and often knows the actual values of items better than an average person. This means that they will be able to charge a correct amount, rather than take a bid far too low or far too high for the desired item.

To prevent a mad dash through the doorway at the beginning of a sale, estate sale patrons are given a number. Only so many people may enter a house at a time, for obvious safety reasons as well as to give others a chance to look, and so people must wait until their number is called. Depending upon the size of both the house and the sale, somewhere between ten and twenty people will be allowed inside at a time. If a persons number is not called on the first day, they will often come back on the second day to be one of the first people entering. This process is both fair and safe, allowing everyone to get their proper turn.

How to setup an estate sale and should you hire an estate sale company?

Whether you call it a trustee sale, tag sale, probate sale or an Estate Sale, these sales can be quite fun and exciting to attend, but for many on the other side of the fence, an estate sale is either a confusing subject or too stressful to even think about.  An Estate Sale is an organized sale that involves all the contents of a home.  Many estate sales are organized because the homeowners have retired, passed on, moved to assisted living, downsizing to a smaller home or many other reasons requiring all the contents of the home to be sold in a timely manner.

If you frequent estate sales, it’s easy to notice the variations in the way they are setup and the people involved in setting them up.  Some estate sales are  setup by the homeowners directly without a third-party involved, others seem quite unorganized and have a feel of a “glorified garage sale” one of the most popular questions asked beside what’s the difference between a garage sale and an estate sale?, is what’s the difference between setting up your own estate sale or hiring an estate sale company to handle the sale?.

In order to achieve an answer to such a question, one must understand the key benefits in hiring an estate sale company, some reasons can be duplicated but other reasons are impossible to achieve because they are based on a long-term experience in an industry that is based on knowledge gained over many years and relationships with the right contacts built along the way.  Here are the top 5 reasons most people choose to hire an estate sale company to handle their estate sale instead of tackling it on their own.

  1. An Estate Sale professional is experienced in properly pricing items based on current market value and what the market customers are willing to pay.
  2. An Estate Sale company has a large following of regular clients that frequent their estate sales, not to mention the implemented marketing strategies prior and during their sales.
  3. A well established estate sale coordinator is well equipped and has an entire team setup to handle the labor intensive tasks required in organizing, pricing, moving and hauling away furniture, including deliveries of larger items to buyers .
  4. A collector of a particular item is willing to pay more for the item than an average buyer.  Industry contacts are key and an experienced estate sale company has the industry contacts available to connect just the right buyer with a seller.
  5. Multiple sources of income – Many experienced and well established estate sale companies do not only utilize the home to maximize on the selling benefits, proper planning goes into every detail.  Online sales, consignment, credit card acceptance on-site, etc…

Not to say that one is not capable of holding their own estate sale, but the labor intensive tasks combined with proper planning and knowledge of the industry is what makes many people shy away from even attempting such a rigorous task.  Many respected estate sale companies can go over all the details with a prospective client over the phone.  Hiring someone to sell your precious items and handle your sale with care is quite personal.  A good estate sale company should take the time to explain all the details with you, meet face to face in order to establish a connection and a good understanding of all the details involved in order to help you make an informed decision on how to set up an estate sale and whether you should hire an estate sale company.

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