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6 Most Effective Tips To Turn An Esate Sale Into A Success As A Shopper

Many people find estate sales fascinating as they can purchase their favorite household and other items on discounted prices. Usually estate sales contain finer quality products than garage sales because people usually arrange estate sales when they are liquidating their household for reasons like bankruptcy, moving abroad and etc. As a shopper, there are certain things that you should take care of if you want to have a successful shopping experience at an estate sale. Consider using the following tips before you visit the next one:estate sale1

  1. Be An Early Bird

The good items are sold fast. If you are hoping to get best deals from the sale, be the first one to visit and do not waste your time rethinking about the purchase. To become more precise and efficient in your purchase, make a list of items you are looking forward to find at estate sale and inquire about their availability from the staff as soon as you get there.

  1. Be Patient And Wait For Your Turn

Big and publicized estate sales get big shopper turnouts. So, be sure to take time out for estate sales from your schedule and do not feel irritated if you have to wait for a while to be entertained by the staff.

  1. Don’t Take Big Bags Or Purses

Always keep in mind that people with big bags and purses are not allowed to take them inside an estate sale due to security measures. So, it is a good idea to take a small purse only along when you visit an estate sale. Though there is often a facility to place your bags outside the house and take them back when you return but it consumes a lot of time which you could spend shopping instead of waiting for your turn to pick up bags.

  1. Wait Till Last Day For Best Bargains

If there are certain items that you find interesting but cannot afford to buy or you think are overpriced, wait for the last moments of estate sale to buy them. The reason why you should wait patiently is that estate sale companies usually take up responsibility to dispose of all items within the given time. So, there exists a possibility of getting good bargains if you ask for an item at the last moment.

  1. Inquire About Payment Mode Before Making Any Commitment

Many estate sale companies accept debit and credit cards for payments but some of them make dealings in cash only. So, before you make a commitment to purchase anything from estate sale, especially for expensive items that you cannot afford on cash, ask the company about mode of payment they accept in order to avoid quarrels and hassles.

  1. Ask About Areas In House With Sale Items

Many people forget that when somebody is liquidating an entire estate, there are going to be too many items to fit in drawing room or other common areas of the house. So, it is wise to ask the company about areas of house that contain sale items and do not hesitate in checking out rooms and bathroom that are not sealed with crime scene type of tapes or any other obstruction.


What is an Estate Sale and why Estate Sale Companies are important?

checklistAn estate sale is generally a public or private event that sells various items in the estate, home or property.  Estate sale can also be referred to as a tag sale, probate sale, trustee sale or liquidation sale.  The size of the sale itself will often determine the complexity of the sale. Some families opt to host their own estate sale, which can take place on the property itself. It has become more and more popular to hire an estate sales company to do this for you. These companies are experts when it comes to planning and advertising these events.

They can take all of the hasstle out of the process for the family. These sales are very important because they honor the life of one or more family members. They are also important because they provide closure for many people. How the estate sale is organized is essential to its success. Estate sales companies can host these events on separate locations from the property itself if necessary. They are involved with displaying key items for sale and for notifying the public of the event. It is possible to not only earn money from these sales but to locate missing or lost treasures.  Many respected estate sale companies have a large following of people and an excellent presence on the internet allowing them to bring buyers to your sale efficiently.

Search for Estate Sale Companies

There may be local estate sales companies in your city or town. In some instances, it may be possible to hire a company that is not local. Going over a list of possible estate sales companies is a good way to find the best one for you. It is important to look for one that has experience with these sales. Talking with the company is another good idea. You will want to know their capabilities to host and advertise the event.

Collect Your Valuables

Most estates are going to have valuables that the family wants to keep. Some of these items are going to be simply sentimental. Others, however, may be quite valuable.  Relying on a professional estate sale company with experience in appraising valuables allows you to maximize your benefits.  This is where appraisers will come into the picture. Many estate sales companies have access to appraisers or are appraisers themselves. They can assist you with valuing the things that you are going to keep and sell. This process may take some time but is well worth it.

Preparing for the Sale

Once your family and loved ones have removed the items that they want, it is time to prepare for the sale. There are many considerations included in this process. Items must be organized, cleans, priced and displayed. Estate sales companies in some cases have neutral warehouses in place for these events.  Grasons Co. rated No. 1 Estate Sale Company in Orange County CA, believes that items for an estate sale are best displayed in their natural locations.  They operate a large consignment shop in Huntington Beach CA, but the majority of their estate sales are held directly at the homes for that reason.  Technology has made it possible for items, jewelry and machinery to be displayed online. These techniques add to the success of the estate sale.

Thanks to estate sales “out with the old and in the with the new” can be met with a budget!

estate1Summer is practically here and many of us are in the process of moving into new homes or simply re-vamping our own. Winter months can leave everything feeling drab and gloomy. Our couches no longer look fresh and shapely, instead the pillows are flattened, the cushions are sunken in and that clingy dog hair just won’t stop sticking. If you are looking to re-do your home on a budget there are few ways you can do it.

Sure, you can go on a shopping spree at the local furniture store and buy everything brand new (that may leave you with a whole in your wallet) or, you can visit an estate sale. Yes, Estate sales are great for re-doing your home because usually everything being sold is in great condition at a great price or a reputable estate sale company will not include it in the inventory. 

For the price of a new couch, you would be able to get an additional coffee table, a lamp and maybe even a rug. Estate sales have great choices for one-of-a-kind deals that are sure to be authentic. If you are moving into a new home and are thinking of unloading some of your belongings. Estate sales are great both for purchase and for selling. Estate sales often double as a consignment sale.

A fistfull of twentiesThis means that you still make a profit on what you sell; yet you don’t have to worry about organizing and researching your items for sale. Another great advantage of an estate sale is that they are quick. You are able to sell/buy everything within a 2-3 day period. This beats looking at a catalog or an online magazine and saves you time on delivery/pickup. Some estate sales, such as Grasons Co, a rated #1 estate sale company in Orange County make it super easy as they have everything posted on their website, marketed across the web and an experienced staff to handle all the research, setup and advertising to ensure excellent results. 

If you are new the estate sale world, Grasons makes the introduction quit simple. Start out by searching items you might like, and who knows, maybe you will get inspiration to clean out that attic and sell a few items yourself.

Estate sales are a great avenue to buying a home or real estate investment

reallyFor many of us, real estate investments or buying a new home isn’t on the to-do list. Mainly because we all generally fear that affording a house is not exactly in our reach.

Purchasing a home may be a good idea, although many get stumped with the question of buying a new or an older, lived in house.

There is no question that a new home, just like anything new seems better in so many ways. The layouts are modern, you can customize a newer home to your liking and this home will truly feel like “your home” because there is no history of other families leaving a mark on the property.

However, this can also be the exact reason many choose to buy and older home. The layouts may not be modern, however they are most likely one of a kind. Just as with any other item, a home can be considered an antique. Floors; the foundation of a home are usually something a buyer tends to notice. Many older homes are constructed with beautiful hardwood floors that are not often found within the newer parquet trends. Older homes are also constructed with beautiful detailing and intricate room layouts. High ceilings and hand-carved moldings can add a certain appeal that newer homes may not posses.

The real question is, where do we find these great homes considering the real estate market is only now starting to pick up? Many of us may not know, but estate sales are a great avenue to finding a home for sale. Estate sales can literally be “selling-estates”.  When folks unexpectedly pass on, an estate sale is usually a great way to sell their unwanted items. However, along with those items, homes are often times sold as well. Frequenting estate sales gives one the opportunity to be first in line on purchasing a home to be sold soon after the estate sale is over.  Having the opportunity to preview a home and be first in line, especially in a competitive market such as Orange County, CA is a great opportunity that should not be overlooked.

soldGrasons Co., an Orange County Estate Sale and Consignment store in Huntington Beach CA, specializing in Estate Sales in Orange County shared that 98% of the homes they conduct an estate sale in will sell before they are even listed.  So if you are interested in buying a home, make sure you check out your local estate sales or contact an estate sale coordinator and ask about the homes, you may just capture the home of your dreams and not have to compete with others.

Grasons Co, Soaring high in popularity for Orange County Estate Sales and Consignment

eagleGrasons Co. is a family-owned Orange County Estate Sale company that sells antique and manages estate sales. It is located in the beautiful Huntington Beach, California. Customers can stop by their Huntington Beach consignment showroom to view items, or they can search and buy vintage items and buy estate items online. From fine china to vintage furniture, Grasons’s consignment store is dedicated in providing its customers with superior, unique antique items.

So what’s the big facination with vintage items?, there is good reason, vintage items last longer when compared to the mass produced items purchased today: they are better designed and are made up of higher-quality material.  There’s no limit to the types of items you’ll find at Grasons Co.  From antique mirrors, fine china, mid-century furniture and more.  This popular Orange County consignment and Estate Sale company has tremendously gained in popularity due to the high traffic of inventory.  More and more people consider vintage items the unique gift giving idea and it works.

For consumers looking to accent their homes with vintage crystal, Grasons Co. offers items from crystal vases to antique crystal bowls, as well as wine glasses. These crystal items are not items that most retail stores sell. Instead, they have been thoughtfully researched and handpicked by experts at Grasons Co. For example, the company sells an exquisite Orrefors Sweden Crystal Candle Holder, as well as an Orrefors crystal vintage vase.  Orrefors, located in Kalmar County in northwest Sweden, has been a long-time manufacturer of the highest quality crystal glassware and art glass. Their work is widely admired, and is frequently shown in art exhibitions around the world. Other unique, crystal items include Waterford crystal glasses and a Kost Boda votive.  Vintage and antique lovers throughout Orange County, frequently stop by the large consignment showroom and often to catch the next incoming one of a piece item.

Grasons Co. also sells unique antique, mid-century furniture items, including well-constructed vintage furniture that was built to last: they function as nearly new pieces after more than 50 years of use. Antique furniture items include dressers, desks, dining chairs, easy chairs and couches. The store also carries unique specialty items for those writers wanting to go back to the days that novelists, journalists and poets alike composed their work via the typewriter, can now purchase a vintage Royal typewriter used during the first half of the 20th century.

This list can go on forever, their popularity as the leading Orange County Estate Sale company is spreading across the web like wildfire, so if you’re too far to come in and checkout the most unbelievable selection in person, make sure and shop estate sale items online, you never know what you can find.

Vintage enthusiasts in Orange County say shop consignment and save $$$

Starting from the 1990s, fashion reinvented the vintage. The vintage began to be associated with words like “boutique,” “affordable” and “chic,” and fashion industry marketers and followers became obsessed with antique and vintage items. Since then, vintage items have become the trend, as the old has become the “new.” Orange County consignment shops celebrate the tradition and reputation of high quality vintage items, which represent the idiosyncratic at reasonable prices. Consignment shopping offers a wide range of modern and vintage items for sale, from the more traditional and modest, to the timeless, which would satisfy any bargain hunter’s needs. As the holidays are just around the corner, shoppers can find unique, one-of-a-kind gifts, as consignment shops receive an influx of items on a weekly basis. You can avoid spending hundreds of dollars on presents that are generic and predictable.

Based in the heart of Huntington Beach, one trusted source is Grasons Co., an Orange County consignment shop that sells a wide selection of modern and vintage items, including vintage home accessories, fine china, vintage jewelry and modern and vintage furniture. Looking for a delicate, wood-carved deco piece for the living and/or bedroom? A vintage, oak wet bar at a reasonable price? Are you a writer craving to go back to the days of Gertrude Stein, when poets and novelists alike typed their poems and stories? Grasons Co sells beautiful typewriters from the early twentieth century that still function perfectly.

For your convenience, you can also shop many antique and vintage items online, as you browse for items by category or prices. Ideal gifts for friends and family include antique glassware and kitchen accessories that you can’t buy at typical chain stories like a Pier One Imports or a Crate and Barrel. For example, you can grab a vintage crystal set of cups for under $100. Maybe a a fine China vase will tickle your fancy under $30. For those building up their wet bars for holiday parties, maybe a pair a pair of impressive vintage alcohol dispensers from the 1930s for under $160.

With a great selection of items, consignment shops such as Grasons Co tend to give customers the personal touch. A family owned and operated company that has focused on giving customers the special and individual attention they deserve. As a local and thriving business, Grasons Co. has built their reputation through honesty and experience, and consignment reputation is based on customer referrals and local owners. In addition to selling a range of modern and antique items, Grasons Co in Huntington brings you much more than consignment, they’re also responsible and manage many estate sales in Orange County and always list their upcoming local estate sales to give you heads up.

What’s the difference between an Estate Sale and a Garage Sale

We’ve all heard of Estate Sales, Tag Sales, but what makes those different from a Garage Sale?, a common question asked by many people attending an estate sale for the first time.  The immediate an obvious answer when attending an estate sale is the well-organized items with prices marked on each item and the shopping doesn’t just stop in the driveway or in the garage but rather continues throughout the entire house.  So what makes the estate Sales different from garage sales?.

Most people once or twice a year have a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items such as old children’s clothing, unwanted furniture items and random items from throughout the home.  Generally these items are sold for pennies and dollars, most people figure they’ll give a garage sale a try and earn a few bucks since the plan is to donate or throw out these items.  Their collectibles and valuables are rarely included in a garage sale, but frequent garage sale seekers get lucky every once in a while at getting a great deal for a great item that the seller is eager to get rid of but is not an expert at pricing.

An Estate sale or tag sale takes place when the entire contents of a household must be liquidated, the reasons can vary from someone moving out-of-state, into a retirement home, or a death in the family.  Generally, the task is quite overwhelming for family members to handle since all the contents must be sold in a timely manner.  Most family members are busy and are not experienced to properly value the items to be sold, they generally rely on an experienced estate sale coordinator to evaluate, organize, appraise, market and sell the contents for the most value.  A professional estate sale company generally has a large following of buyers and has a database of buyers that seek particular items, thus getting the seller the most value for their item.

Setting up an estate sale is not an easy task, it takes proper planning and an action plan on properly marketing to the right audience seeking exactly what is offered.  An experienced estate sale company uses every avenue to appraise, plan, organize and market the upcoming local estate sale.  Finding an experienced estate sale company is very important, in recent years with people finding themselves out of a job and nothing to turn to, many decided that holding an estate sale is an easy way to earn a few bucks, after all “you sell other people’s stuff and make money right?”, wrong!.

A well established, and experienced estate sale company has a team that holds regular estate sales, and a list of references readily available, the team is built to conduct the evaluation, plan, research, appraising process and a marketing strategy to the right audience in order to maximize the earnings for the seller.  The success of an estate sale company should be rated based on the success of its clients.  When seeking an estate sale coordinator, it’s important to ask the right questions, here’s a list of some good questions to ask:

  • How many estate sales do you conduct a month?
  • How many members are in your team and what is their role?
  • How many buyers follow your estate sales?
  • Do you also use the power of the internet to market my estate sale?
  • Do you have a consignment option for the unsold items?
  • Do you only sell the items on location or do you use the internet to a bigger audience?
  • Do you have a list of references we can contact for your prior estate sales?…The answer better be “YES” or you hang up the phone

A professional business makes it their goal to not only provide the best service, but to also educate their clients on the service they provide.  A well-informed customer is more likely to use the services again and more eager to refer the services in the future.  Finding a list of estate sale companies is easy, choosing the right one is more difficult, understanding the difference between an Estate Sale and a Garage sale is half the battle, but understanding the difference between an estate sale and a successful estate sale is what we hope you’ve gained here in order to make better informed decisions.

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