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Help in accurately pricing items for a successful estate sale

appraising antiquesIf you’ve never participated in an estate sale before, it is likely that you are overwhelmed. There are many different things to consider when it comes to these sales. The size of the estate is definitely one of these things. Small estates can sometimes take place at the home itself. Large estates will have more items to sell and may require a roomier locale. The items being sold are another big consideration in these sales.

These are items that have to be organized and categorized. Clothing and jewelry can be some of the largest categories in these sales. Some estates include outdoor machinery like lawn equipment, tractors and combines. Vehicles may even be a part of this type of sale. Items will need to be valued so that they can be sold. Buyers want to know that they are getting authentic items or pieces. They should also feel confident in their purchase. Accurate pricing is essential to any successful estate sale. Getting help with your sale is the best way to plan ahead.  “Do not throw out anything!, what you may consider trash could be someone else’s treasure” Simone Kelly owner of Grasons Co., Orange County’s #1 rated estate sale company.

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Pricing Artwork

Some estates have artwork that has been done by the masters. Monet, Picasso and many of the great artists have pieces that are quite valuable. There are works that are by less famous artists that can bring a high price. It is important that these estate items are valued by a professional estate sale company that has the expert contacts and collectors readily available. Often shoppers know what they are looking for and a reasonable cost. The better art is priced the more likely it is to sell.

Pricing Jewelry

There are often many pieces of jewelry in an estate sale. Necklaces, rings and other pieces are designed with gems. Getting this jewelry valued is the best way to sell them. You can use the assistance of consignment shops that provide estate sales services. Jewelers in your city are not a great resource for this process because they only value the gold not the manufactured finished product.

Pricing Vehicles

Kelly Blue Book is one of the most popular resources for valuing vehicles. This book can be used in many instances for estate sales. Other vehicles may factor into this process. Boats, outdoor machinery and golf carts are sometimes vehicles that are in the estate. You will need to have these vehicles valued so that you can price them appropriately.

Pricing Appliances

Estates that include large homes or more than one home will have appliances. Depending on the age of the home, these appliances can be new. Older appliances are sometimes less likely to sell or to sell at a high price. It is important that you consider this when pricing refrigerators, washers, dryers and other household items.


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