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5 Qualities To Look Out For In A Estate Sale Company You Want To Hire

Following are a few signs that indicate reputation and professionalism of an estate sale company. By looking out for these signs you can easily make your decision about hiring one.

  • The company should have a license and must not be reluctant to produce it if the clients ask.
  • Good estate sale companies are mostly bonded also. It is a kind of insurance where 3rd party takes guarantee for the company that it will honor agreements and contracts. In case the contract is breached, the bonding company (3rd party) will pay the client compensation.
  • A good estate sale company provides their clients with references and feedback of previous customers on their request so that they can become sure about quality of services that company offers.
  • A good and reputable company will never charge you for initial inspection of house and interview.successful

Furthermore, following are a few qualities that a good estate sale agent from any reputable company should possess in order to gain your trust and make the entire process comfortable for you:

  1. They Listen And Communicate

Each and every client is different in terms of needs, requirements and preferences. A good estate sale company shall provide you with an agent who listens and encourages you to communicate all your concerns and queries regarding the sale and items to be sold. A good agent asks their clients about their demands for each item and also communicates the market prices for them. He will not only suggest you set a reasonable price but make efforts to get your items sold in the price you want.

  1. They Are Proactive

A good estate sale agent will be proactive and will never procrastinate in dealing with the client or setting up the sale. The company will take complete responsibility of arranging the sale on the right time and will make complete efforts to make it a successful one.

  1. They Are Adaptable

The best quality that your estate sale agent can possess is the ability to read your expectations from the sale. A good estate sale company knows the limits of their clients and therefore adjust the entire procedure of arranging a sale within their financial limits with due consideration to their requirements.

  1. They Work In Your Time Frame

Every client has a time frame for entire sale in mind when they contact any estate sale company. The first thing a good estate sale company would do is to ask the client about their time frame and adjust the sale within their time limit.

  1. They Are Not Afraid Of Giving You Old Clients’ References

A cheat would never want you to know about their dealing with the previous clients. If you have any doubts about the company’s efficiency and reputation, do not hesitate in asking them for references of their previous clients. If they are not afraid to give you all the details you want, they are probably the right one to hire.

Besides all these qualities, you should also check out reputation of the estate sale company you are planning to hire in the market. Also, it is always a good idea to use references you get through your family and friends for the purpose of hiring the best one in the town.



Estate Sales : The hunt in finding things you cannot buy in retail stores

rare estate findsThere is nothing more cherished in our modern world than a true antique or a truly unique item. They become ever more difficult to find as people are now throwing away items they think no longer valuable. Unbeknownst to them, however, there are many people who desire those very items they are throwing out! This is why estate sales are so fantastic. You are often able to find those cherished items, truly antique or only moderately so, that you are unable to find in the stores. Unique items, perhaps even one-of-a-kind handcrafted, are also often found at these  tag sales.

Some people may be searching for a specific item, such as a washboard resembling the one their great-grandmother had, or a nick knack like the one their mother had. Others may simply be looking for something that catches their eye. Both types of shoppers can greatly benefit from estate sales, where unique items can be found at competitive prices.

save on shoppingThe best thing about going to a local estate sale is not even the fact that you can find those difficult to find items, but that everything you find is cheaper than it would be elsewhere. After all, why should you spend a hundred dollars on something you can find for fifty dollars? Or a thousand dollars on something that, at an estate sale,  you may pay five hundred dollars or less on? All types of items are found at these sales, and all at fantastically low prices.

Perhaps you may even find yourself a true treasure at your next estate sale. One of those items which are not only hard to find, but are also worth a good deal of money. This does not necessarily mean you must purchase something only to sell it, but having items of value is a luxury usually denied those of average, middle-class families…or at least it was. For those who are thrifty enough, willing to bargain, and able to search for great deals, nothing is ever out of reach.

A last note should be given to the fact that vintage items, in general, are much more valuable then contemporary items because they are more durable, meaning that they last longer. The chances are slim that you will find many of the items we have today, say, 200 years in the future. The materials used in modern mass marketing are flimsy, and the mass amount of products produce render them almost invaluable. Those items made 200 years ago were forged from heavier materials, allowing you to hold a piece of history in your hands today. The ability to do this is quite a thrill, and one of the main reasons a majority of antique lovers cherish the items they dig out in estate sales. If you would like to experience the thrill for yourself, the only way to do it is to find an antique of your own, which can be done at an estate sale near you.

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