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Use Interior Design Tips for Your Living Room – Decorate with Estate Sale Finds

Estate sales are simply fun to attend. These sales are totally impromptu and specifically when you’re decorating for no reason. If you are trying to decorate your living room, estate sales may help you. This is a way to design an original and unique living space. Many estate sales are filled with furnishings, artwork and décor items that are stylish and add pizzazz. These events are a way for families to honor their loved ones by making sure their items are used and loved again. They provide a measure of closure by knowing that loved possessions are being handled properly.

pillows on a couchAt the same time, estate sales provide collectors and homeowners with a variety of options. Decorating areas like a living room is an important project. This is one of the places in your home that make an impression to guests. Finding the right things for this space will present your sense of style and taste. Visiting an estate sale will help you to find potentially reasonably priced items that are stunning and perfect for your living room. Let’s look at some interior design tips that can benefit you when you attend estate sales.

Add Depth with Pillows

Pillows are great decorative items to add to furnishings. They work well with sofas, love seats and other chairs. Estate sales will have pillows of different shapes and sizes. You can use these items to add overall depth to the furniture. It is also possible to accentuate color schemes or décor themes with pillows. House Beautiful encourages the use of pillows of different patterns and colors to complete a living room look.

Keep Cabinets Open

Antique cabinets and armoires are terrific finds at some estate sales. These are stylish pieces to add character to your living room. Those without glass doors can be left open to bring additional accent to the space. This tip allows you to show off your collectibles, artwork and other items. Re-purposing these finds may require staining or painting of cabinets.

Estate sales are good events for art collectors and sculpture lovers. The internet is a wonderful tool to find out the types of items that will be sold at these sales. You can use this art to decorate the living room. Pieces that incorporate your schemes or themes are perfect for this setting. It is also possible to find works by famous or recognized artists. Each piece brings its own character to the room as you create a special place to relax or entertain.

Here’s some tips on decorating a home office


Redecorate an entertainment space with estate sale finds

There are many different ways to redecorate the rooms in your home. Most of these methods can be quite costly. Just because you are decorating on a budget doesn’t mean that you can complete your task. Estate sale finds are terrific for what you need to transform a space. Entertainment areas are some of the most used in the home.

decorating tipsThese rooms usually include the kitchen, living room and the den. You can use large furnishings to make the space appear different.

Wall art, décor and accent items are also great items for redecorating entertainment spaces. Modern estate sales can be found on the internet. Host estate sale companies not only announce the location and time of the sale. They also provide you with details about the items being sold. You can choose to attend one or more local estate sale until your redecoration product is complete.


Paintings can be found at both large and small estate sales. Collectors often visit these events to look for pieces by specific artists. It is possible to find artwork and paintings for various rooms at these sales.

Nature scenes like beaches, gardens and the jungle are some of the most popular finds. Matching the vivid colors in a painting with the shade of walls or furniture is a great way to change the appearance of a room.


Seating is very important when you are entertaining. Having adequate seating can be a challenge. Estate sales can present you with options for adding extra seating. You can add an antique love seat or a high back chair. It is possible to purchase complete sets or individual items at these sales. Remember to match color schemes when you look for the right seating ideas.


Shelves of various shapes and sizes can be used in different rooms. These are fantastic pieces for wall hangings in the living room or den. They are also wonderful ideas for utility purposes in the kitchen. Those shoppers who are also collectors can use shelving finds to store their pieces. These finds may require a bit of refurbishing but can make quite a statement in entertaining spaces.

Area Rugs

Area rugs come in many categories. Asian rugs, as well as, Persian rugs are some of the most popular. These are good accessories to use and cover up wooden or tiled floors. They are unique and eye-catching options for redecorating a space. These area rugs are available in different shapes, sizes and color schemes. They can be used as central pieces in the space or as an accent item.

You’ll never know what great finds an estate sale will provide. That’s why attending different sales are important. You can use these pieces to create a new setting in an existing space. The furnishings and décor items found at an estate sale can be used to transform your entertainment areas. Different color schemes and theme decorations are wonderful options for your home projects.  Check out some upcoming estate sales online.

Shop in advance – Find unique gift ideas at Estate Sales

There is a traditional way to shop for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. This normally involves going into a popular store and making a purchase. Many people are opting to find gifts that are completely unique. This means finding items that can’t be easily found at a department store. Estate sales are great events to attend to find this sort of gift.

These sales take place in most areas throughout the year. They are hosted sometimes by families related to the estate. Estate Sale companies provide specific locations and details about their estate sales via email. It is also possible to see information about these estate sales online. You may even see photos of showcased items that will be sold during the sale. Large and small sales provide you with the chance to find a gift that is both memorable and sentimental.  Don’t think of now, shop for a later date and save.

Engagement Rings
Jewelry is one of the most sought after items at estate sales. You can easily purchase an engagement ring. A unique, antique ring can be found at an estate sale for a fraction of the cost.  Custom designs are popular ring styles, and you’ll find plenty. Once you find the perfect engagement ring at a sale, sizing and cleaning are the only things required.

Leather Coats
Winter gifts are some of the most costly. Leather coats can be found at some estate sales. These come in different cuts, styles and fashion genres. Unique coats with detailed designs and coloring can make an original gift. Coats made from actual leather are expensive purchases. These sales may offer a reasonably priced leather coat or jacket for your loved one.  Many are found unused and in the original tags.

Outdoor Machinery
Outdoor machinery can fit into a large category. Riding lawn mowers are some of the smaller items of outdoor machinery. Tractors, trucks and farm equipment are also some of the machinery in these sales. Farm owners or people with a lot of acreage would appreciate this sort of gift. Families hosting estate sales often want to sell these items to finalize this process.

shop and save

Pieces of Art
It is not strange to come across an estate that was owned by a collector. Other collectors, especially those focused on artwork, attend these events. You can find pieces of different settings and themes at these sales. Major and minor artists are represented at these events. You may discover sensational pieces for friends and family by attending an estate sale.

Estate sales sometimes include items that are much cheaper than in traditional stores. It is possible to locate a valuable piece for a collection. Jewelry, clothing and machinery are popular finds at these events. There are terrific gift ideas available at these sales. You may locate the perfect gift for your spouse, child, parent or friend.

Are you ready to go hunt the next estate sale?

Decorate Your Home with Great Antique Pieces – Special Estate Sale Purchases

Many people who attend estates sales do so looking for specific items. Antiques are among the most popular items. It is possible to find antique furnishings, décor and other pieces.

You can decorate each room of your home with the right antique piece with a special estate sale purchase, how?.

Estate sales are wonderful events to attend to find those special items. Families use these sales to ensure that their loved ones belongings are being handled properly and will end up with someone that appreciates and loves them as much as they did.

These events are a good way to experience closure while valuing the estate. Antiques fit into a number of categories and will range in price. Some items will be separate from complete sets or have missing components. There are estate sales that have a number of great complete sets of antiques, China and furnishings. The fun part, is not knowing what you’ll find and how it will fit into your decor, so going is a must!.


french kitchenDefine Your Kitchen Space

There is nothing like transforming an existing space in your home. Kitchens are some of the most used rooms. Antique China Cabinets are brilliant additions to this space.

These can be used to store flatware collections. Antique breakfast tables or nook style tables are great for smaller dining spaces. These are items that can even work in your small apartment. You can use estate finds to define the look and appeal of your kitchen space.  If you decide to change your decor a month later, you didn’t break the bank, go ahead and start your decor passion again.

cool library

Create a Stylish Reading Room

Reading rooms were very popular years ago and quickly gaining popularity today.  With the stresses we face everyday, the little oasis can bring peace and serenity into your home.

These rooms can double as a library space with book shelves and desks. Using antique finds is a terrific way to decorate and add personality to the space, add a few antique books while you’re at it.  Your local estate sales are filled with antique, amazing hard covers.


Design the Bedroom Setting

Your bedroom needs to be a relaxing space that is visually appealing. At the same time, you want this space to be comfortable and inviting.

Antique poster beds are lovely accents to any bedroom. Queen or king size beds can be positioned in a place of prominence in the room.



Along with beds, you may find an array of antique chairs. These pieces can be used for reading or relaxing in this room. Side tables, area rugs and other items may be found at estate sales for your bedroom.  Mismatching is in, so keep that in mind when you’re picking those unique chairs and blend color.

Thrifting estate sales is thrilling for collectors and interior decorators.  The possibilities are unlimited, from fine art to amazing unique pieces of well made furniture and more is enough to turn a non-shopper into an avid estate sale shopper.

If every in Orange County, CA.  You must check out the abundance of great finds at their upcoming estate sales online.

Design a Home Office with Unique Décor – Visit Estate Sales for the Right Pieces

vintage home officeHome offices are becoming more and more popular these days. These rooms function as central spaces for home-based businesses. They are also functional offices for alternative work sites.

Employees that have the ability to work from home certain days per week need efficient work areas. These offices will include many of the items of a traditional work environment.

You can find terrific office décor items at an estate sale. These sales are professionally hosted and allow attendees to shop for specific items or a list of choices. It is possible to not only see when these events are taking place. Many times you will see online items that are being showcased prior to the sale. You will be able to design your home office with the findings at estate sales. The unique décor items found will make your office standout.

Work Space Furnishings

Desks, book shelves, chairs and end tables are common furnishings at estate sales. These findings, of course, depend on the size and type of estate. The items regularly used to decorate a home are available. Your office space will need pieces that make work activities possible. This is true whether you need computer space or a writing location. Estate sales will provide you with a selection of unique and original pieces for your office.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are a part of what makes a home office special. These can be additional seating or wall art. Accents add to the room individually, but work together with your theme. Recliner style chairs may be needed for your office seating. Designer wall hangings for votive candles come in various styles. These estate finds may be made from brass or bronze. They are accent pieces that make your office inviting and more pleasurable to work in.

Artistic Décor

Artistic décor pieces are particularly important to office spaces. There’s no better place to find the most artistic and unique decor than the local estate sale.  These artistic pieces bring in color and pizzazz to your new found work space.

Antique pieces of art can be found at an estate sale. Sculptures, centerpieces and other artworks are terrific for creating a setting or design theme for your home office.

When it comes to estate sales, we’re not talking about your average print wall art or cheap sculpture, some of the highest quality items are found, including brand name and designer items.  Remember, these items were not sold because they are no longer wanted, they are cherished and loved items.

Why not buy the best and most unique finds from estate sales to design a home office with a unique decor for you to enjoy regularly.  Give it a try and visit estate sales for the right pieces.

Stunning wall art from estate sales

estate wall artArtwork is what you often see on the walls of homes. This type of décor is used to create specific themes in a room. At the same time, it is possible to complete color schemes with wall decorations. You don’t have to be an artist to have creative wall hangings in your home. Some of these can be examples of traditional pieces of art. Unique finds at estate sales are wonderful options for this sort of project.

Bedrooms with floral designs are accented with the right wall pieces. This can be done in the living room, kitchen or the den. Estate sales are terrific locations to search for valuable pieces. Many people attend these sales and find antiques that are valuable. With some tailoring there are great finds that can be used on walls or as focal points in a room. Let’s take a look at some of the finds used for stunning wall hangings.


Musical Instruments

A fiery red electric guitar sold at an estate sale recently. This sale had bids starting at $1 for many of its items. This sort of instrument would be a terrific addition to any music room. It is also a nice wall hanging for theme rooms. Teenage bedrooms decorated with violins, music scales and other theme items are popular. These are great pieces because they can appeal to children of different ages.

Fine China

Some estate sales are filled with fine china settings. It is possible to find complete sets to use for dining. There are times where only one or two pieces are available. These can be used to create wall displays that are stylish and unique. Hanging plates, bowls and other dishes in kitchen spaces is a terrific way to decorate. Some of these rooms have designer shelving to display china on the wall. It is possible to find items in this category that are quite valuable and have a rich history.

Woven Pillows

These are items that can be re-purposed for wall hangings. There are pillows with woven scenes and settings. Even if the entire pillow is not usable  the woven parts can be creative designed. Cutting away these scenes and placing theme in a matted picture frame is one idea. These woven scenes will make great conversation pieces in any room or living space. Cleaning techniques can be used to bring them to a pristine look.

Estate sales offer some of the most diverse findings. These are furnishings, art, sculpture, equipment and tools that have many uses. Collectibles are popular items because many are valuable. There are also items that can be used for creative projects. Wall hangings can either take on a theme or accent an existing one. These are stylish options for decorating your home in a unique and classic style.

Estate Sale finds for children room decor

vintage kids room decorThere are many stores that sell pre-packaged décor items for kid rooms. These are often cartoon characters or movie logos products. It is possible to decorate an authentic themed kid’s room from items found at estate sales. You can find great antiques for these sorts of projects. At the same time, you locate collector items, as well.

These sales are events that help the family find closure for their loved one. They offer beautiful options for others to decorate their homes. Kids of all ages will be able to enjoy the furnishings, artwork, mementos and décor that these sales provide. With a creative eye and a few tailoring techniques, it is possible to create a memorable setting in your kid’s room.

Sports Paintings

Paintings are some of the most popular items purchased at local estate sales. Collectors often visit these sales to find pieces by particular artists. There are sometimes pieces that have sports themes. These can be used in rooms with this type of theme in its décor or furnishings. Baseball, basketball and tennis are some of the paintings in this category. Colors that compliment these paints can work to complete a setting.


Photographs whether in color or black and white can be used to decorate kid rooms. Some of these may showcase famous individuals or popular landmarks. Photos of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty can help harmonize with Paris or New York themes. There may be photos of certain activities that create your theme, as well. Swimming, cooking, painting and other activities may be a part of what interests your child.


Many children love to collect hats. There are hats commonly associated with sports, while others have a carefree connotation. Creating wall displays with unique hats is an idea for older children. Estate sales are terrific places to find these hats. Dated ladies hats with flowers and feathers can be found in vivid colors. Cowboy hats with unique shapes offer another decorating idea.


An antique tricycle or a baseball glove is items that can be used in your project. It is often a simple job to bring these items up to par. You can clean many toys and display them in your kids’ room projects. Depending on the type of toy, it may be possible to utilize it for play. There are great finds that are decades old and valuable at these sales.

The finds purchased from an estate sale can hold a lot of promise for decorating projects. Sculptures of animals, plush toys and antique furnishings can be re-purposed to suit your kid’s room. This is a nice way to decorate multiple rooms with items that are not easily available at retail stores. These are creative ways to make your kid room a one and only design.

Estate Sale oldies can Liven up your home decor this spring

There are many affordable ways to decorate your home. Estate sales are wonderful events that offer unique and beautiful antique items. You can use these finds to make your home compatible for the season. As spring temperatures come our way, you can use antique finds to decorate the rooms of your home. In many instances, this is a method of decorating that costs less than total remodeling projects.

vintage ideasThose who know how to re-purpose antique items have many opportunities to change the appearance of their homes. The bright colors of spring can create terrific schemes in bedrooms, kitchens and other living spaces. Estate sales offer so many great finds, it is possible to use original coloring on some items. With a keen eye for décor, you can make antique pieces accent your existing furnishings.  Don’t have time to go to local estate sales, there are many estate sale online shopping sites.

Bright Wooden Chests

Depending on the state of the wood for these chests, you can benefit from their natural appearance. These large pieces are nice storage furnishings for kitchens and dining rooms. Some of these finds will harmonize with your current wood items. Staining or painting a bright wooden chest is a great way to add color to a room or to brighten it.

60’s Style Bar & Bar Stools

If your bonus room needs a bar, this seasoned piece is perfect. Many estate sales have period items that are still quite authentic. A 60’s Style Bar & Bar Stools steps right out of popular television shows of this time. Regularly seen in diners and cafes, a bright red colored bar with cushioned gray and black stools can accent your home.

Floral Chair & Ottoman

What better way to invite spring into your living spaces than with furnishings. A Floral Chair & Ottoman displaying floral designs are wonderful décor items. This furniture includes fabric that is yellow, green and burgundy. They can be steamed to brighten their appearance if there is no other damage. These stylish pieces are nice decorations and conversation pieces for living rooms and dens.

Antique desks, paintings and other décor items are stunning in their original state. Often a bit of additional work is needed to present them. These are good pieces that can be used to accent furnishings and to create unique settings.

3 tips on turning an antique estate find into a modern one

refurbishedEstate sales are wonderful events to find antique furnishings. You can discover a variety of pieces to decorate your home or office. These are sometimes items that have been stored for many decades. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for artwork, furniture or accessories. These events offer you a chance to find a rare and unique item. With a little love and care, you can take any antique find and modernize it a bit.

There are ways to update the appearance of antique items without taking the charm out of the piece. Many of these techniques can be done on your own without much cost. Once you learn how to modernize a piece, you will want to do it again. This is a really green way to recycle something that is already made. At the same time you can decorate virtually any living space and make it special.

1 – Upholster Furnishings

The upholstery of most antique furnishings is not only dated. They are typically not in good shape or functional. You can take a chair, sofa or ottoman and make it modern with new upholstery. This is a more complex way to change the appearance of the piece. Replacing cushions and fabric is the most of this project. You may also want to add metal details that are shiner and display a designer appearance.

2 – Paint Antique Pieces

Antique tables, dressers, bookcases and other pieces are still quite functional in many cases. They simply need a bit of a face lift. Adding a new coat of paint can completely change the look of the piece. You may want to find a brighter color or shade for certain items. The staining process for wooden pieces is another consideration for making an appearance change.

3 – Add New Hardware

Sometimes all an antique piece needs is new hardware. The knobs, handles and details of the piece could be rusted depending on its age. Removing the existing hardware and adding modern details is a good way to bring the piece forward. Wardrobes and desks are two other pieces that can be transformed with these decorative tips.

The tips that you use to make an antique piece contemporary are often simple. Paint, varnish, fabric and other items can be purchased from craft stores. Once your piece is finished it will still hold the charm of an antique but with new accents.

Re-purposing Antique Finds – Unique Home Décor Ideas

repurposed furnituredEstate Sales are some of the best events to attend for finding antiques. It is possible to find a host of décor pieces at these events. In many instances, even family members are surprise by what’s found in estate possessions. There are sometimes valuable finds like jewelry, furs and works of art. For those with keen eyes, a simple piece can be turned into a great accent.

Re-purposing antiques can be a complex process. This depends on the find itself, its age and condition. Pieces made out of wood may have bits of its original paint or coloring. Removing this could take a bit of time. With the right sanding, staining and painting materials you can create something very special. Re-purposing may involve dealing with dents, rust and re-sizing. In the end, you will be able to utilize a variety of antiques that are unique and original.

Doors into Tables

Wooden doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This will depend on the type of home that these antiques were built into. Uniquely shaped doors make wonderful tables. You can use these as nook dining areas or full kitchen tables. Shaping and sanding activities will be needed in order to get the best out of the wood. You can add a bit of color through paint or staining materials.

Chicken Nest into Wall Hanging

Chicken nest boxes were staples in many homes a hundred years ago. These were items generally found in barns or areas where chicken nested. These pieces were wooden and had a number of sections. Re-purposing these nests will require working with the wood. You may even have to nail or secure the piece. It can then be used as a wall hanging for collectibles or treasures.

Wagon Wheel into Garden Sectional

Wagon wheels are great finds in many seasoned estates. Some of these are used to add to collections and can be quite valuable. You can re-purpose a wagon wheel, however, for many things. A garden sectional is one example of these things. These wheels are perfect for planting a variety of different plants and flowers.

You can use a little creativity to make unique pieces from antique finds. Local Estate sales are often filled with dated items. Many of these can be transformed into accents and furnishings. This gives any collector the opportunity to appreciate their finds. Re-purposing respects the old and embraces the new.  Visit for more repurposed furniture ideas.

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