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Starting a Pearl Collection – Estate Sale Jewelry Finds

There are many different types of collections where jewelry is concerned. Some of these involve name-brand jewelry, while others have to do with particular gems. Pearls are some of the most intriguing items to collect. These can be found at estate sales on occasion. These sales are very diverse when it comes to the pieces being sold.

Families use these events to honor the belongings of their loved ones. Companies that organize and plan these sales are extremely helpful. They are instrumental in valuing and pricing items like jewelry. It is possible to start a collection through the finds of these sales.vintage jewelry

Pearl Rings

Pearls are created when an irritant gets inside the shell of a mollusk. Depending on the type of pearl, it may later be made into a ring. Gold and silver metals can be found with these central stones. Natural and cultured pearls are beautiful in their own way. Rings of this sort are not only great for starting collections but they also make wonderful gifts for special occasions and events.

Pearl Necklaces

Saltwater pearl necklaces are some of the most popular finds. These pearls are very unique in their shape and coloring. It is possible to discover choker type necklaces with these pearls. Longer necklace lengths are available as well. Depending on the items in your particular collection, you may need a necklace to complete saltwater and cultured styles.

Pearl Broaches

It is possible to find antique pearl broaches at estate sales. These are stylish pieces that come in various designs. Natural pearls are some of the most rare when it comes to these broaches. They are most often found in the Persian Gulf. Small natural pearls tend to be quite costly.

It is possible to purchase a variety of pearl styles. These pieces are available in different shapes and colors. Some are more valuable than others. Estate sales with these items may include complete collections of this sort. You may be able to begin your own particular pearl collection by attending these sales.


Give the Perfect Wedding Gift – Attend Estate Sales for Ideas

This is the time of year when families are preparing for wedding ceremonies. Friends and loved ones are searching for the perfect gifts for the happy couple. Department stores are filled with typical gifts for these events. Those who want to give unique and original gifts may want to go the extra mile. Estate sales offer terrific opportunities for these types of gifts.

These sales often include antique items that are terrific wedding gifts. Couples, who are also purchasing new homes, will need functional items. It is possible to find large things like vehicles, outdoor equipment and machinery at some estate events. Interior décor items are other popular purchases at these sales. You will definitely find a diverse offering of memorable and unique gifts by attending these sale1

Flatware and Serving Items

Many couples need flatware and serving items for their new home. They plan to entertain and want pieces that are original. Depending on the age of the items in an estate sale, you may discover antiques in this category. Floral prints or those of settings are nice options for this sort of gift. Special color schemes are good to match with existing décor.

Artwork and Sculpture

If the couple has a favorite location or setting, you can look for a gift that symbolizes that. Artwork is a popular find for estate sales. There are often collectibles from specific artists at these events. These gifts are useful when it comes to decorating apartments or houses. Each room can be accented with paintings and artwork. Sculptures are another consideration when you attend these sales.

Seating and Dining Furniture

Large gifts can be particularly thoughtful. Sofas are nice gifts for various living spaces. Dens and bedrooms are terrific options, here. Dining room tables are also gifts that can be useful for new homes. Couples just starting out may require items for each room. Estate sales may provide you with gifts that furnish different spaces.

Weddings are events that serve to bring family and friends together. A part of celebrating the happy couple is to give them thoughtful gifts. Estate sales include items that are useful for everyday living. You may even find terrific collectable pieces that will hallmark this special day. The perfect gift for a wedding is available when you attend the right sale.


Create Comfortable Outdoor Living Spaces – Estate Sale Decorations

Spring and summer months tend to attract people to the outdoors. This is the perfect time to spend as much time outside as possible. Houses and apartments with additional outdoor areas present many opportunities. You can utilize these areas to create comfortable outdoor living spaces. These are wonderful places to entertain family and wall art

Estate sales are events that will help you to decorate these spaces effectively. In fact, it is possible to design a location that embraces the beauty of nature. At the same time, you can make these outdoor spaces comfortable for guests. These are areas for parties, dinners and other events. The furniture and décor that you use will set the tone for the space. Here are some ideas that make these areas special:

Patio Dining

Apartments, townhomes and houses are often designed with patio space. This can be more than an alternate location to view the outdoors. You can utilize your patio for dining and entertaining friends and family. Adding tables, chairs and lighting makes this possible. Estate sales are good options for finding perfect items for your patio dining space.

Deck Parties

Decks are diverse in their design. Some homes have screened and open decks. You may even have both of these is one outdoor location. These are areas that have a lot of possibilities when it comes to entertaining. Parties are enjoyable with adequate seating and tables. Estate sale events that advertise outdoor pieces can help you decorate your deck.

Lawn Reclining

If you have a wide lawn space, there are many decorating options available. You can use this space for dinners, parties and special events. This requires seating, tables and décor items. Fire pits, fountains and gazebos are large enough to enhance this space. You can find these and other items at estate sales. Furniture for reclining translates this area to an additional living space.

The internet is a good tool to use for estate sales. You can find out where these events are and when they are planned for. Hosting websites often showcase special items that are being sold. This is a wonderful way to see what items are available before attending the event. It is important to create an outdoor space that is welcoming for all of you guests. The right décor makes this possible.

Landscaping Companies Shop at Estate Sales – Find Quality Equipment & Tools

Starting a new landscaping company will require a lot of equipment and tools. This is true no matter what size business you have. Having a limited budget can affect what you spend and how. Estate sales offer you the opportunity to find diverse items. Some of these estate sales have outdoor equipment and machinery.

It is possible to find slightly used things that are perfect for landscaping. These sales take place around the country each week. New business owners can attend these events to get everything they need for their operations. Many estate sales companies use the internet to advertise. They provide the dates and times of these sales. At the same time, it is possible to see highlighted items that are being sold. Prepare ahead of time through research which will help you to shop wisely for your sale

Push & Riding Lawnmowers

Customers who hire landscapers normally want their lawns mowed. Depending on the size of the job, a particular type of mower is necessary. You may find both push and riding lawnmowers at estate sales. The price for these items will be less than purchasing them brand new. Slightly used equipment can often be used for years to come.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are important for detailed landscaping. Planting flowers and gardens are two activities where these tools come in handy. You may attend an estate sale and find all of the hand tools that you need. Each worker of your company will need their own set of tools. Shopping this way will save time and money for other things.

Weeding Machinery

Weeding machinery is used not only for yards. This machinery is used for shrubs and other plants. Landscapers work for private residences and commercial properties. Depending on the size of the job, it may require large machinery. You may discover items that are fairly new at estate sales. These are important factors to consider that can help expand your company and find customers for your business.

Saws, tractors and transport accessories are necessary for landscaping. Even small companies require the right equipment and tools. Estate sales can benefit your budget by offering the things that you need. You can shop at these events instead of running up credit card debt. This is a great way to start your business in a hassle-free way.



Decorate Your New Apartment in Style – Estate Sale Finds Amaze

Estate sales are some of the most unique events when it comes to finding original furnishings. These sales tend to have antique and special items that are great for new apartments. Some attendees visit these sales because they have budget limitations for decorating. Others simply want to find unique décor wall art

There are large estate sales that have furnishings for every room of the home. Small quaint sales are good opportunities too. It is possible to discover everything that you need for your apartment. The internet has become a wonderful tool for finding these sales by easily learning the time and location of the event. The sale websites also display special items that are being sold. Let’s take a look at terrific finds to create your apartment’s style.

Scenic Views Artwork

There are many great pieces of artwork sold at estate sales. Pieces that display particular settings are some of the most popular. Oceans, jungles, beaches and gardens are some of the art in this category. These can be used in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. You may discover small and large artwork at these events.

Seating Options

A unique way to decorate your new apartment is with a variety of seating options. Sofas and loveseats are typical furnishings. High back chairs and antique seats offer more diversity. They can be used as focal points in the room. These are also fantastic chairs to complete decorative styles or color schemes. You should attend sales to find seating options that exhibit your style.

Window Dressings

Window dressings are available in most décor stores. These are usually similar to items sold at most stores. Original styles and dressings can be found at estate sales. This is especially true for those looking for antiques. You can match colors with these dressings. Accents in any room can add to the overall appearance of the window.

It doesn’t matter what size apartment you have. Good decorations will help you change the appearance of your home. Estate sales offer amazing options for wall designs, rugs and artwork. It is possible to find sensational pieces for each room. Your style will be accented by the items that you buy. These sales provide attendees with small and large decorations for apartments.

6 Most Effective Tips To Turn An Esate Sale Into A Success As A Shopper

Many people find estate sales fascinating as they can purchase their favorite household and other items on discounted prices. Usually estate sales contain finer quality products than garage sales because people usually arrange estate sales when they are liquidating their household for reasons like bankruptcy, moving abroad and etc. As a shopper, there are certain things that you should take care of if you want to have a successful shopping experience at an estate sale. Consider using the following tips before you visit the next one:estate sale1

  1. Be An Early Bird

The good items are sold fast. If you are hoping to get best deals from the sale, be the first one to visit and do not waste your time rethinking about the purchase. To become more precise and efficient in your purchase, make a list of items you are looking forward to find at estate sale and inquire about their availability from the staff as soon as you get there.

  1. Be Patient And Wait For Your Turn

Big and publicized estate sales get big shopper turnouts. So, be sure to take time out for estate sales from your schedule and do not feel irritated if you have to wait for a while to be entertained by the staff.

  1. Don’t Take Big Bags Or Purses

Always keep in mind that people with big bags and purses are not allowed to take them inside an estate sale due to security measures. So, it is a good idea to take a small purse only along when you visit an estate sale. Though there is often a facility to place your bags outside the house and take them back when you return but it consumes a lot of time which you could spend shopping instead of waiting for your turn to pick up bags.

  1. Wait Till Last Day For Best Bargains

If there are certain items that you find interesting but cannot afford to buy or you think are overpriced, wait for the last moments of estate sale to buy them. The reason why you should wait patiently is that estate sale companies usually take up responsibility to dispose of all items within the given time. So, there exists a possibility of getting good bargains if you ask for an item at the last moment.

  1. Inquire About Payment Mode Before Making Any Commitment

Many estate sale companies accept debit and credit cards for payments but some of them make dealings in cash only. So, before you make a commitment to purchase anything from estate sale, especially for expensive items that you cannot afford on cash, ask the company about mode of payment they accept in order to avoid quarrels and hassles.

  1. Ask About Areas In House With Sale Items

Many people forget that when somebody is liquidating an entire estate, there are going to be too many items to fit in drawing room or other common areas of the house. So, it is wise to ask the company about areas of house that contain sale items and do not hesitate in checking out rooms and bathroom that are not sealed with crime scene type of tapes or any other obstruction.

Decorate Your Home or Office in a Unique Way – Furnishings from Estate Sales

Many people attend estate sales for specific items. These are sometimes collectors of art or jewelry. They want to complete a collection or to start one. Another top reason to attend these sales is to embark on a home project. A lot of homeowners these days operate offices in their houses. No matter what the size of this space, it is possible to be creative in its design.

Estate sales are events to find antique and unique décor items. Some of these can be used to design your home office to suit your taste. Depending on the estate itself, there may be many diverse items on sale. You can find things to use in virtually every room of the home. Your office may be designed with one general theme. Combinations of styles work to provide a wonderful setting. Let’s take a look at some ways to use estate sale finds to decorate your home office.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Antique Desks

Desks of different shapes and sizes are often purchased at estate sales. Antique examples are some of the most popular in this category. It is possible to find dark and light wood colors for these desks. You can purchase a desk that accents other office furniture. These are also pieces that can be used to make a statement in the room.

Designer Rugs

Area rugs are great additions to a home office. Some estate sales will include Asian style area rugs. These rugs can be used to accent similar décor in the office. Smaller offices can benefit from large rugs. These actually work to make the space appear larger than it is. You may discover retro and contemporary rugs at these sales.

Settings Artwork

Artwork that displays special settings are nice pieces for a home office. There are nature settings of oceans, beaches, gardens and mountains. These may be used to complete a theme or particular color scheme. Estate sales sometimes offer valuable paintings or sculptures. Collectors looking for work by a particular artist often attend these events.

Estate sales are planned because loved ones have passed on. Families use these events to show their love and respect for the belongings being sold. These sales also provide families with a sense of closure. Purchasing items from theses sales to decorate home office is a way to showcase the mementos of someone else. It is way to give these items a whole new start. You can design an office that is functional and comfortable.

A Simple Guide To Learn How Planning An Estate Sale Works

Planning and carrying out an estate sale can become a difficult task especially for those who have no idea about how to get started and finish it off by selling all their stuff. The first and the most important step in making a plan for estate sale is the decision whether you are going to take professional help by hiring from a company or you are going to manage the entire sale on your own. Majority of the people who realize how difficult it can become to manage everything prefer hiring a professional for planning the sale. Carrying out an estate sale is not a piece of cake and major tasks that one needs to get done include:

  • Making an inventory for all items that are to be included in sale
  • Figuring out which items should and should not be included in sale
  • Calculating what prices would be fair for each and every item
  • Setting everything up professionally
  • Publicizing and promoting the sale
  • Making sure each task is carried out fairly and smoothly
  • Making sure to protect all the things from being theft

If you make a decision to hire a professional company, you need to make sure that you hire the best one around the town. The internet and phone books are a good place to find a good estate sale agent or company. You can also use the internet to expand your search by visiting websites of estate sale companies. Sometimes estate sale companies list themselves as appraisal companies as they are experts in knowing right prices for every item.checklist

Before you select any company, make sure to research about performance and prices of the company you want to hire for your estate sale. A good estate sale company will encourage you to ask questions and will be patient enough to answer all your inquiries. You can also ask your estate sale company about their calculated estimate for the money you will make from the estate sale. Estate sale companies and agents also provide their customers with their policy regarding left over items. If you have rare or valuable items for sale, make sure to ask your company specifically about prices for such items. Trust only the company that is cooperative and willing to answer all questions instead of directing you to read brochures.

Make sure to list down all the items that you are willing to sell in an estate sale so that the company you are going to hire knows what to sell and how to sell before they arrange the sale. Sometimes people may get confused whether to include any particular item in estate sale or not and this is where a professional and experienced estate sale company or agent can correctly guide you. Estate sale companies do not just right away help you put things on sale but also evaluate fair prices for every item and tell you how selling anything is good or bad for you. Usually estate sale companies take a definite percentage from the sale as their payment. It is wise to select a company with low percentage as their payment but make sure to not ignore other important elements like the methods for publicity and past record of that company.

All About Estate Sales

Many people have too many things and gradually they let some of them go in order to make space for new stuff. Usually, they do so by holding garage sales or donating to charitable institutions. Sometimes, it is not about selling off or getting rid of certain things but to let go of a house full of various items at once. It happens usually when some family member dies and so, the entire process can become overwhelming. Therefore, there are the professionals who offer services to help you get through it and organize estate sale to take care of selling efficiently.

estate sale1An estate sale is similar to auction. Though usually estate sales are held on somebody’s death, they can also become necessary due to long-distance moves, bankruptcy and divorce. Regardless of the reasons, an estate sale can be a great idea to make money or pay off debt. While for shoppers they are simply a great place where they can find antiques and good bargains.

In some places, an estate sale is also called a tag sale. They are different from garage sales because estate sales are carried out by professionals with a goal to sell off entire house’s items. The general public can go inside the house and take a look at all the items in majority of estate sales. The price of each item is usually displayed and items are general open for negotiations.

Wondering how do professionals manage items on sale? Read the following points to develop a clear understanding.

Items For Estate Sales

Each estate sale is different and unique. Usually a great range of items are presented for sale including clothing, furniture, linens, china, silver, appliances and various other household items. There are also some estate sales that include sale of one-of-a-kind and expensive items like art work, antiques and jewelry. Some may even include boats and cars.

Estate sales are commonly carried out by professional estate sale agents or an auctioneer. The agents and auctioneers take a set percentage of total earnings from estate sale as their payment. Such payment usually ranges between 25-30%. The estate sale agents put in a lot of effort in carrying out sale, organizing items, assessing value of each item and making sure that the sale runs smoothly in presence of potential buyers. Agents are also usually responsible for cleaning everything out as the sale ends.

If you have any specialized or expensive items to sell, an agent can be of great help in determining a suitable price. Good agents usually have brokerage sources also. Such people are experts in selling collectibles, fine art, jewelry and other precious items. There is a reason why you should trust your sale managers will the sale as they will try their best to sell every item off in order to increase the value of their share in the sale.

Once you have trusted an estate sale agent for selling off all your stuff you do not even need to worry about publicizing the sale. The managers or agents take care of this. They help your estate sale get attention in the market with the help of newspapers, internet and by putting up signs around the neighborhood.

Increase Your Income While Helping Others Hold Estate Sales

Each year families across the country are faced with the troubles of planning an estate sale. This can be a difficult process to organize. The purpose of these events is to honor your loved ones and their belongings. Estate Sales professionals plan and organize the sale providing a hassle-free experience for the families hosting them.  These companies and their franchises have become popular.

This type of work allows many people to supplement their full-time incomes. It is possible to venture into estate sale planning as a home-based business. Providing families with detailed services as it relates to estates can be very rewarding. You may also utilize your organizational skills to make more money. The planning component of these sales is what many families struggle with. This along with finding adequate space for these events may be a problem. Your franchise will allow you to assist with both planning and scheduling details.more money

Organize Diverse Belongings

Estates are very diverse and are unique like the people who owned them. Some estates have outdoor equipment, such as tractors, mowers and other items. Others may have mostly interior belongings. The professionals who plan these sales work to organize these items. This is important not only as it relates to accurate pricing. Collections should be positioned together, priced well and showcased according to value.

Select Sale Locations

The organization process is one of the most important parts of planning estate sales. Just as important is the location for these events. The planners in this industry tend to have reserved sites for estate sales. These locations can accommodate estates of different sizes. They are designed to display belongings in the best possible light. This will play a role in the overall success of the sale.

Advertise Event Items

Advertising is critical in the planning of any event. This is particularly true for estate sales. The internet is one of the best tools for advertising. This medium is used to provide information like the date and time of the sale. You can also go online to see special items that will be sold at these events. Collectors, shop owners and other attendees will use this outlet to find out about sales.

It is possible for you to supplement your current income with a successful franchise. Estate sales are events that are needed by many families. Building a good reputation is an important part of growing your clientele. The more time invested in this work, you can earn money by securing clients. Your reputation for thorough estate sales will help you to gain more experience. These events are critical for handling special items, antiques and collectibles in the right way.

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