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Starting a Pearl Collection – Estate Sale Jewelry Finds

There are many different types of collections where jewelry is concerned. Some of these involve name-brand jewelry, while others have to do with particular gems. Pearls are some of the most intriguing items to collect. These can be found at estate sales on occasion. These sales are very diverse when it comes to the pieces being sold.

Families use these events to honor the belongings of their loved ones. Companies that organize and plan these sales are extremely helpful. They are instrumental in valuing and pricing items like jewelry. It is possible to start a collection through the finds of these sales.vintage jewelry

Pearl Rings

Pearls are created when an irritant gets inside the shell of a mollusk. Depending on the type of pearl, it may later be made into a ring. Gold and silver metals can be found with these central stones. Natural and cultured pearls are beautiful in their own way. Rings of this sort are not only great for starting collections but they also make wonderful gifts for special occasions and events.

Pearl Necklaces

Saltwater pearl necklaces are some of the most popular finds. These pearls are very unique in their shape and coloring. It is possible to discover choker type necklaces with these pearls. Longer necklace lengths are available as well. Depending on the items in your particular collection, you may need a necklace to complete saltwater and cultured styles.

Pearl Broaches

It is possible to find antique pearl broaches at estate sales. These are stylish pieces that come in various designs. Natural pearls are some of the most rare when it comes to these broaches. They are most often found in the Persian Gulf. Small natural pearls tend to be quite costly.

It is possible to purchase a variety of pearl styles. These pieces are available in different shapes and colors. Some are more valuable than others. Estate sales with these items may include complete collections of this sort. You may be able to begin your own particular pearl collection by attending these sales.


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