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Decorate Your Way – Find Cabin Furnishings at Estate Sales

There are certain types of furnishings that are difficult to find. These are styles that are always stocked at the local furniture store. Cabin furnishings fit into this category. Purchasing items such as these brand new, can be expensive. This is one of the reasons why shoppers attend estate sales. In most cases, these events offer cabin furnishings that have been well taken care of. So if you are decorating a new home or considering a redesign project, this could be your way to do so on a budget.woods

There are many pieces that are included in cabin-style themes. These furnishing vary as it relates to color schemes, but they do have similarities. Cabin furnishings all embrace the use of fine beautiful wood. They showcase authentic and even ethnic interior décor items. You can find large furniture, artwork and accent pieces at estate sales. Visiting event websites is a good way to find out which pieces will be sold at individual locations.

Area Rugs

Thick picturesque area rugs are commonly seen decorating cabins. This is one of the reasons that these items are popular for this type of décor. Many of these rugs picture nature settings, such as, forests, rivers and wildlife. You can use these rugs to bring color into virtually any room. Estate sales sometimes include rugs that were collected for decades. It is possible to find more than one of these finds for your decoration project.


Artwork can work as an accent to a well-established room. These pieces are sometimes the focal point of the entire room. Like area rugs, you may want to find paintings that embrace nature, as well. Deer, bear, birds and other animals are seen in this type of art. There are artists who are famous for this particular style of work. You may stumble upon a valuable piece at one of these sales.


Hickory is one of the most popular wood types for cabin-style furniture. You can find a selection of seating options from this and other wood. A two-person settee is one example of this unique seating. Other pieces include wood-framed sofas and loveseats. These pieces generally are outlined in natural wood carvings. They have plush cushions and pillows that compliment room colors. Estate sales are a good place to find diverse chairs for your home.

If you’ve always wanted a cabin décor in your home, it is still possible. Estate sales are filled with creative furnishings. You can find entire collections at these events. Sometimes one or two original pieces are enough to complete your theme. It is important to keep colors, wood styles and themes in mind as you shop. This is a wonderful way to make your setting express your sense of taste.


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