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Decorate Your Home with Great Antique Pieces – Special Estate Sale Purchases

Many people who attend estates sales do so looking for specific items. Antiques are among the most popular items. It is possible to find antique furnishings, décor and other pieces.

You can decorate each room of your home with the right antique piece with a special estate sale purchase, how?.

Estate sales are wonderful events to attend to find those special items. Families use these sales to ensure that their loved ones belongings are being handled properly and will end up with someone that appreciates and loves them as much as they did.

These events are a good way to experience closure while valuing the estate. Antiques fit into a number of categories and will range in price. Some items will be separate from complete sets or have missing components. There are estate sales that have a number of great complete sets of antiques, China and furnishings. The fun part, is not knowing what you’ll find and how it will fit into your decor, so going is a must!.


french kitchenDefine Your Kitchen Space

There is nothing like transforming an existing space in your home. Kitchens are some of the most used rooms. Antique China Cabinets are brilliant additions to this space.

These can be used to store flatware collections. Antique breakfast tables or nook style tables are great for smaller dining spaces. These are items that can even work in your small apartment. You can use estate finds to define the look and appeal of your kitchen space.  If you decide to change your decor a month later, you didn’t break the bank, go ahead and start your decor passion again.

cool library

Create a Stylish Reading Room

Reading rooms were very popular years ago and quickly gaining popularity today.  With the stresses we face everyday, the little oasis can bring peace and serenity into your home.

These rooms can double as a library space with book shelves and desks. Using antique finds is a terrific way to decorate and add personality to the space, add a few antique books while you’re at it.  Your local estate sales are filled with antique, amazing hard covers.


Design the Bedroom Setting

Your bedroom needs to be a relaxing space that is visually appealing. At the same time, you want this space to be comfortable and inviting.

Antique poster beds are lovely accents to any bedroom. Queen or king size beds can be positioned in a place of prominence in the room.



Along with beds, you may find an array of antique chairs. These pieces can be used for reading or relaxing in this room. Side tables, area rugs and other items may be found at estate sales for your bedroom.  Mismatching is in, so keep that in mind when you’re picking those unique chairs and blend color.

Thrifting estate sales is thrilling for collectors and interior decorators.  The possibilities are unlimited, from fine art to amazing unique pieces of well made furniture and more is enough to turn a non-shopper into an avid estate sale shopper.

If every in Orange County, CA.  You must check out the abundance of great finds at their upcoming estate sales online.


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