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Stunning wall art from estate sales

estate wall artArtwork is what you often see on the walls of homes. This type of décor is used to create specific themes in a room. At the same time, it is possible to complete color schemes with wall decorations. You don’t have to be an artist to have creative wall hangings in your home. Some of these can be examples of traditional pieces of art. Unique finds at estate sales are wonderful options for this sort of project.

Bedrooms with floral designs are accented with the right wall pieces. This can be done in the living room, kitchen or the den. Estate sales are terrific locations to search for valuable pieces. Many people attend these sales and find antiques that are valuable. With some tailoring there are great finds that can be used on walls or as focal points in a room. Let’s take a look at some of the finds used for stunning wall hangings.


Musical Instruments

A fiery red electric guitar sold at an estate sale recently. This sale had bids starting at $1 for many of its items. This sort of instrument would be a terrific addition to any music room. It is also a nice wall hanging for theme rooms. Teenage bedrooms decorated with violins, music scales and other theme items are popular. These are great pieces because they can appeal to children of different ages.

Fine China

Some estate sales are filled with fine china settings. It is possible to find complete sets to use for dining. There are times where only one or two pieces are available. These can be used to create wall displays that are stylish and unique. Hanging plates, bowls and other dishes in kitchen spaces is a terrific way to decorate. Some of these rooms have designer shelving to display china on the wall. It is possible to find items in this category that are quite valuable and have a rich history.

Woven Pillows

These are items that can be re-purposed for wall hangings. There are pillows with woven scenes and settings. Even if the entire pillow is not usable  the woven parts can be creative designed. Cutting away these scenes and placing theme in a matted picture frame is one idea. These woven scenes will make great conversation pieces in any room or living space. Cleaning techniques can be used to bring them to a pristine look.

Estate sales offer some of the most diverse findings. These are furnishings, art, sculpture, equipment and tools that have many uses. Collectibles are popular items because many are valuable. There are also items that can be used for creative projects. Wall hangings can either take on a theme or accent an existing one. These are stylish options for decorating your home in a unique and classic style.


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