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Estate Sale finds for children room decor

vintage kids room decorThere are many stores that sell pre-packaged décor items for kid rooms. These are often cartoon characters or movie logos products. It is possible to decorate an authentic themed kid’s room from items found at estate sales. You can find great antiques for these sorts of projects. At the same time, you locate collector items, as well.

These sales are events that help the family find closure for their loved one. They offer beautiful options for others to decorate their homes. Kids of all ages will be able to enjoy the furnishings, artwork, mementos and décor that these sales provide. With a creative eye and a few tailoring techniques, it is possible to create a memorable setting in your kid’s room.

Sports Paintings

Paintings are some of the most popular items purchased at local estate sales. Collectors often visit these sales to find pieces by particular artists. There are sometimes pieces that have sports themes. These can be used in rooms with this type of theme in its décor or furnishings. Baseball, basketball and tennis are some of the paintings in this category. Colors that compliment these paints can work to complete a setting.


Photographs whether in color or black and white can be used to decorate kid rooms. Some of these may showcase famous individuals or popular landmarks. Photos of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty can help harmonize with Paris or New York themes. There may be photos of certain activities that create your theme, as well. Swimming, cooking, painting and other activities may be a part of what interests your child.


Many children love to collect hats. There are hats commonly associated with sports, while others have a carefree connotation. Creating wall displays with unique hats is an idea for older children. Estate sales are terrific places to find these hats. Dated ladies hats with flowers and feathers can be found in vivid colors. Cowboy hats with unique shapes offer another decorating idea.


An antique tricycle or a baseball glove is items that can be used in your project. It is often a simple job to bring these items up to par. You can clean many toys and display them in your kids’ room projects. Depending on the type of toy, it may be possible to utilize it for play. There are great finds that are decades old and valuable at these sales.

The finds purchased from an estate sale can hold a lot of promise for decorating projects. Sculptures of animals, plush toys and antique furnishings can be re-purposed to suit your kid’s room. This is a nice way to decorate multiple rooms with items that are not easily available at retail stores. These are creative ways to make your kid room a one and only design.


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