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Art collectors love estate sales find out why from a leading Orange County estate sale company

There are a number of creative ways to collect artwork. Simply purchasing from a gallery is one way to do this. This is definitely one of the most expensive methods for collecting art. You can add to your art collection by visiting estate sales. Many of these sales are fertile with art and sculpture items. It is possible to find pieces from popular artists.

There are pieces that fit into particular genres, as well. Some collectors are interested in art that is contemporary. Others want specific types of scenes in their collections. Estate sales have various items, as well as, unique find by obscure artists. You can use these pieces in order to decorate your home or your office. Collectors hoping to resale items will also find great artwork at these sales.

art piece

Art & Furniture

Retractable wall separations are some of the great pieces found at estate sales. Oriental style items are both artwork and furniture. Many of these are designed with 3 individual pieces connected by hardware. Tiles that reach from ceiling to floor make a complete picture. Mountainside scenes are some of the popular styles of wall separators.

Small Wall Photos

Painted pictures aren’t the only pieces that fit into the category of art. There are many types of dated photos that are collected. These are terrific finds depending on the year that they were taken. At the same time, you can judge your find based upon the setting in the photo. Some of these may even be valuable when evaluated.

Large Paintings

It is possible to find wall paintings of various shapes and sizes. The most popular of these are paintings with specific scenes. Garden subjects are great pieces when it comes to decorating for spring and summer. Ocean and jungle settings are nice finds at estate sales too. Period pieces by individual artists could be items for collectors to resale.

Estate sales take place in cities around the country. These events are convenient ways for families to chart and sell valuable items. Collectors enjoy these sales because they are often able to find art pieces that are impressive. “Many of the fine art pieces are not only purchased by collectors, but our clients purchase them as gifts for their loved ones on a regular basis” said a leading Orange County estate sale company specializing in fine arts and has a wide selection of fine art pieces from various fine estate sales.


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