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Estate Sale oldies can Liven up your home decor this spring

There are many affordable ways to decorate your home. Estate sales are wonderful events that offer unique and beautiful antique items. You can use these finds to make your home compatible for the season. As spring temperatures come our way, you can use antique finds to decorate the rooms of your home. In many instances, this is a method of decorating that costs less than total remodeling projects.

vintage ideasThose who know how to re-purpose antique items have many opportunities to change the appearance of their homes. The bright colors of spring can create terrific schemes in bedrooms, kitchens and other living spaces. Estate sales offer so many great finds, it is possible to use original coloring on some items. With a keen eye for décor, you can make antique pieces accent your existing furnishings.  Don’t have time to go to local estate sales, there are many estate sale online shopping sites.

Bright Wooden Chests

Depending on the state of the wood for these chests, you can benefit from their natural appearance. These large pieces are nice storage furnishings for kitchens and dining rooms. Some of these finds will harmonize with your current wood items. Staining or painting a bright wooden chest is a great way to add color to a room or to brighten it.

60’s Style Bar & Bar Stools

If your bonus room needs a bar, this seasoned piece is perfect. Many estate sales have period items that are still quite authentic. A 60’s Style Bar & Bar Stools steps right out of popular television shows of this time. Regularly seen in diners and cafes, a bright red colored bar with cushioned gray and black stools can accent your home.

Floral Chair & Ottoman

What better way to invite spring into your living spaces than with furnishings. A Floral Chair & Ottoman displaying floral designs are wonderful décor items. This furniture includes fabric that is yellow, green and burgundy. They can be steamed to brighten their appearance if there is no other damage. These stylish pieces are nice decorations and conversation pieces for living rooms and dens.

Antique desks, paintings and other décor items are stunning in their original state. Often a bit of additional work is needed to present them. These are good pieces that can be used to accent furnishings and to create unique settings.


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