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3 tips on turning an antique estate find into a modern one

refurbishedEstate sales are wonderful events to find antique furnishings. You can discover a variety of pieces to decorate your home or office. These are sometimes items that have been stored for many decades. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for artwork, furniture or accessories. These events offer you a chance to find a rare and unique item. With a little love and care, you can take any antique find and modernize it a bit.

There are ways to update the appearance of antique items without taking the charm out of the piece. Many of these techniques can be done on your own without much cost. Once you learn how to modernize a piece, you will want to do it again. This is a really green way to recycle something that is already made. At the same time you can decorate virtually any living space and make it special.

1 – Upholster Furnishings

The upholstery of most antique furnishings is not only dated. They are typically not in good shape or functional. You can take a chair, sofa or ottoman and make it modern with new upholstery. This is a more complex way to change the appearance of the piece. Replacing cushions and fabric is the most of this project. You may also want to add metal details that are shiner and display a designer appearance.

2 – Paint Antique Pieces

Antique tables, dressers, bookcases and other pieces are still quite functional in many cases. They simply need a bit of a face lift. Adding a new coat of paint can completely change the look of the piece. You may want to find a brighter color or shade for certain items. The staining process for wooden pieces is another consideration for making an appearance change.

3 – Add New Hardware

Sometimes all an antique piece needs is new hardware. The knobs, handles and details of the piece could be rusted depending on its age. Removing the existing hardware and adding modern details is a good way to bring the piece forward. Wardrobes and desks are two other pieces that can be transformed with these decorative tips.

The tips that you use to make an antique piece contemporary are often simple. Paint, varnish, fabric and other items can be purchased from craft stores. Once your piece is finished it will still hold the charm of an antique but with new accents.


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