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Re-purposing Antique Finds – Unique Home Décor Ideas

repurposed furnituredEstate Sales are some of the best events to attend for finding antiques. It is possible to find a host of décor pieces at these events. In many instances, even family members are surprise by what’s found in estate possessions. There are sometimes valuable finds like jewelry, furs and works of art. For those with keen eyes, a simple piece can be turned into a great accent.

Re-purposing antiques can be a complex process. This depends on the find itself, its age and condition. Pieces made out of wood may have bits of its original paint or coloring. Removing this could take a bit of time. With the right sanding, staining and painting materials you can create something very special. Re-purposing may involve dealing with dents, rust and re-sizing. In the end, you will be able to utilize a variety of antiques that are unique and original.

Doors into Tables

Wooden doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This will depend on the type of home that these antiques were built into. Uniquely shaped doors make wonderful tables. You can use these as nook dining areas or full kitchen tables. Shaping and sanding activities will be needed in order to get the best out of the wood. You can add a bit of color through paint or staining materials.

Chicken Nest into Wall Hanging

Chicken nest boxes were staples in many homes a hundred years ago. These were items generally found in barns or areas where chicken nested. These pieces were wooden and had a number of sections. Re-purposing these nests will require working with the wood. You may even have to nail or secure the piece. It can then be used as a wall hanging for collectibles or treasures.

Wagon Wheel into Garden Sectional

Wagon wheels are great finds in many seasoned estates. Some of these are used to add to collections and can be quite valuable. You can re-purpose a wagon wheel, however, for many things. A garden sectional is one example of these things. These wheels are perfect for planting a variety of different plants and flowers.

You can use a little creativity to make unique pieces from antique finds. Local Estate sales are often filled with dated items. Many of these can be transformed into accents and furnishings. This gives any collector the opportunity to appreciate their finds. Re-purposing respects the old and embraces the new.  Visit for more repurposed furniture ideas.


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