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Valuable Jewelry Purchases – Surprise Estate Treasures

There are any numbers of estate sales going on every week throughout America. These estates can be various sizes and include diverse items. Small estates, as well as, larger ones are great events for collectors to attend. This is especially true if you have an eye for valuable jewelry. Some people attend these sales because they are looking for a specific item to complete a set. Others go to estate sales to find hidden treasures.

vintage jewelry

It is possible to find sales that are hosted and publicized extensively. These don’t always occur on the estate property itself. Valuable items and collections are moved to a specific location for the sale. The internet has become an important tool in this area. Showcased items for sale can be viewed beforehand. You could possible find an exceptions work of art, sculpture or piece of jewelry. Here are some great jewelry valuables that were located at estate sales:

appraising antiques

Vintage Floral Pin

Pins are some of the greatest classic pieces of jewelry. They are versatile and can be worn with many ensembles. A vintage floral pin with diamond set in platinum was purchased at an estate sale. This great piece went for over $3,000. It was made in 1970 and still displayed a fantastic appearance.

David Yurman Pendant

“Finding jewelry associated with a great name is a nice find at any estate sale” says Simone Kelly of Grasons Co. the #1 rated Orange County estate sale company. A David Yurman Pendant was purchased at one of these events. This 18 karat gold piece included a central rose quartz. It sold for $1,796, which was 25% less than the original asking price.

Diamond Cluster Ring

Any piece that includes diamonds is a valuable piece. A diamond cluster ring with a unique floral design was among the jewelry at one estate sale. This 14 karat ring had a two-tone gold display. It was a 1980 vintage ring that sold for $221.

Mathey-Tissot Watch

An antique Mathey-Tissot Watch was discovered at a recent estate sale. This watch dated back to 1950 and displayed an elegant design. It was made from white gold and had brilliant diamond settings. The watch sold for over $1,700.

Estate sales are very beneficial to the family. They help them in many cases to get closure at the loss of a loved one. At the same time, they have the opportunity to share treasured possessions with the world. Those attending these events can purchase jewelry and other items. Some collectors even go on to resale the jewelry that they purchase at these events.  Either way, if you see a local estate sale, you might want to stop in and check it out, it’s well worth the time.


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