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Orange County’s Grasons Co shares interesting Estate finds that actually sold

There are many people who enjoy embarking on a tour of yard sales. These individuals have been able to find great items that may have been missed otherwise. Estate Sales are a whole new world to people who are interested in peculiar finds. It doesn’t matter whether you are a current collector or hope to become one. These sales are wonderful events for finding diverse pieces.

You can find items to decorate your home or to resale. Today’s estate sales are modern ways to not only get rid of unwanted furnishings. They offer those with a good eye to find diamonds in the rough. In fact, jewelry isn’t a farfetched wish at some of these estate sales. Companies hosting these sales showcase many exclusive items. It is possible to find a host of peculiar items at the average estate sale. These are often valuable finds or those that are extremely sentimental. Let’s take a look at some of the peculiar finds that actually sold at estate sales.

colorful tableA Maison Coffee Table with Paint Couture

This unique coffee table design sold for $225. It was a colorful piece that had a paint couture detail. There are a number of ways to go use this type of piece. It can be repurposed as an end table or night stand. Those who enjoy wood work this type of table can be refinished and painted a new color. It can take on any color scheme that you want. This fun find is a collector’s dream.

An 1800’s Wardrobe with Italian Ivory

Dated pieces are extremely exciting finds at estate sales. This wardrobe piece sold for $475. It is a true antique that could possible bring a higher value from a collector. This is a great wardrobe that can be used in any bedroom setting. The Italian Ivory was joined by metallic accents that added charm to the piece.

A Nippon Grape Design Antique Vase

nippon vaseThis vase sold for $150 but held a lot of character in its colorfulness. This antique style vase was decorated with a traditional grape detail. Such details usually represented an idea of bounty. They were used in kitchen spaces or placed on dining tables. This could also be a nice piece for a collector or floral enthusiast.

Estate sales offer you the opportunity to see rare items that could be decades old. Antique finds along with interior décor pieces are fine items for remodeling living spaces. Some of the finds at these sales are unique and surprising. Attending an estate sale is definitely a good way to find the peculiar charming piece.

One of the leading Orange County Estate Sale companies, Grasons Co. has revolutionized the estate sale industry by combining expertise, appraisers, marketing and various other methods that ultimately help buyers find amazing rare pieces and sellers to get the most for their valuable items.


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