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What is an Estate Sale and why Estate Sale Companies are important?

checklistAn estate sale is generally a public or private event that sells various items in the estate, home or property.  Estate sale can also be referred to as a tag sale, probate sale, trustee sale or liquidation sale.  The size of the sale itself will often determine the complexity of the sale. Some families opt to host their own estate sale, which can take place on the property itself. It has become more and more popular to hire an estate sales company to do this for you. These companies are experts when it comes to planning and advertising these events.

They can take all of the hasstle out of the process for the family. These sales are very important because they honor the life of one or more family members. They are also important because they provide closure for many people. How the estate sale is organized is essential to its success. Estate sales companies can host these events on separate locations from the property itself if necessary. They are involved with displaying key items for sale and for notifying the public of the event. It is possible to not only earn money from these sales but to locate missing or lost treasures.  Many respected estate sale companies have a large following of people and an excellent presence on the internet allowing them to bring buyers to your sale efficiently.

Search for Estate Sale Companies

There may be local estate sales companies in your city or town. In some instances, it may be possible to hire a company that is not local. Going over a list of possible estate sales companies is a good way to find the best one for you. It is important to look for one that has experience with these sales. Talking with the company is another good idea. You will want to know their capabilities to host and advertise the event.

Collect Your Valuables

Most estates are going to have valuables that the family wants to keep. Some of these items are going to be simply sentimental. Others, however, may be quite valuable.  Relying on a professional estate sale company with experience in appraising valuables allows you to maximize your benefits.  This is where appraisers will come into the picture. Many estate sales companies have access to appraisers or are appraisers themselves. They can assist you with valuing the things that you are going to keep and sell. This process may take some time but is well worth it.

Preparing for the Sale

Once your family and loved ones have removed the items that they want, it is time to prepare for the sale. There are many considerations included in this process. Items must be organized, cleans, priced and displayed. Estate sales companies in some cases have neutral warehouses in place for these events.  Grasons Co. rated No. 1 Estate Sale Company in Orange County CA, believes that items for an estate sale are best displayed in their natural locations.  They operate a large consignment shop in Huntington Beach CA, but the majority of their estate sales are held directly at the homes for that reason.  Technology has made it possible for items, jewelry and machinery to be displayed online. These techniques add to the success of the estate sale.


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