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Secret holiday shopping tips for antique treasures

antique santaIt doesn’t matter whether you are a collector or a store owner. Antiques are great finds that can be very valuable. Estate sales are some of the best places to find these treasures. There are helpful websites that advertise these events. They also host these sales for friends and loved ones. You can visit these sites to find out when these events are taking place and where. At the same time, you will be able to see the items that are going to be sold.  Let’s face it, even Santa likes to sip his tea in antique Lenox.

Antiques are some if the valuables that are sold at these events. Vehicles, clothing, machinery and even appliances are included in many of these sales. Visiting sale sites is a good way to find the pieces that you are looking for. They often showcase special items with pictures and historic facts. If you are a collector, you can use these sites to complete a series. If you are an antique store owner, you may find treasure items to resale. These sales can help you to locate works of art or valuable furnishings. Let’s take a look at how to benefit from these sites.

Attend Scheduled Sales

Estate sale websites are useful tools for finding out when these events are taking place. Companies that supply this information often host these sales. Attending them is a good way to find antiques that have long since been lost. There are often antiques in these sales that are quite valuable.

View Premier Pieces

Premier pieces are those that are especially valuable. Estate sale sites show photos of these premier pieces. Sculptures, works of literature and fur clothing are sometimes included in estates. The size of the estate will often impact the pieces that are sold. Antique premier pieces are often resold for much more than they’re valued at.

Collect Artwork

Some of the world’s most important artists have works that are yet to be found. Even lesser known artists have pieces that collectors want to buy. Estate sales are good places to look for this artwork. It is possible to find art that is used to decorate your home. You may find pieces that are currently sought after by other antique buyers.

Find Traditional Décor        

There are many different types of traditional décor that fit into the antiques category. Traditional pieces are terrific for decorating residences of all types. Etched mirrors of various shapes are antique décor items. Artistic wall mounts and décor items are classic finds at estate sales. These antiques are valuable works by original artists.

Locate Jewelry

Antique Jewelry is one category of antique items that are found at estate sales. Gems that have been lost for decades can be located at these events. Necklaces, earrings, rings and broaches are jewels that have been handed down for generations. These sales can be used to find dated pieces that are valuable.


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3 thoughts on “Secret holiday shopping tips for antique treasures

  1. I am an estate sales junkie! great info 🙂

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