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Estate Sales defines “out with the old and in with the new”… on a budget

dollar treeSummer is a great season for losing a few pounds. Not only to get your body into shape but to also get your home into shape. Spring-cleaning can be a great way to de-clutter but statistics show that most people feel they need to rid themselves of a few items during the summer months.

Using this season to our advantage, why not get rid of a few items as well as acquire some new ones. While the sun is out, and the days are long why not make time to shop at an estate sale.

An estate sale is a great idea for both getting rid of un-used items as well as purchasing new ones. Estate sales are easy and poses items that are one of a kind and are not usually sold in stores.

Estate sales can be great for acquiring furniture, dish wear and other amazing accessories. Perhaps you aren’t shopping for yourself, estate sales are great for getting house warming gifts, as summer time is a popular season for buying new homes.

shoppingvintageIf you are planning on taking a vacation, souvenir shopping can get quite pricey. Estate sales offer many choices for great souvenirs that are one of a kind. Summer is a great time to update your backyard. Winter rain can damage lawn furniture and cause it to rust.  An upcoming Estate sale can have everything you would want for your backyard and more. Buy decorations, tables, chairs and loungers. The best part is you can mix and match without buying a full set.

Perhaps your little one will be starting school in the fall and you are thinking of upgrading their bedroom. Estate sales are a great way to buy a full set of  “big  kids” furniture without stretching your budget. No matter if you are downsizing or adding, this summer make sure to shop estate!


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