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Do’s and Don’t When Shopping at an Estate Sale

shoppingAlthough some people compare estate sales to yard sales, the two are actually fairly different. Estate sales typically take place when a household is moving unexpectedly or when a person has passed away. Some sales are organized by individuals of the household, while others are managed by a professional estate sale company. Estate sales tend be bigger than yard sales, with a wider variety of items. As items tend to be appraised for estate sales, starting prices also tend to be higher at estate sales than at typical yard sales due to the value of the items but much less than retail.

Still, when people look carefully enough, they find great bargains for unique items at estate sales. In order to get the best deals, here are some fundamental tips to get the most out of estate sales:

  • Do be an early bird, and get to the estate sales when it starts in order to look through the best and widest selection of merchandise. As in most types of sales, the best items tend to go earlier. However, for more expensive items, customers will have a better chance of negotiating the price of an item down on the last day of the estate sales.
  • Don’t bring a big tote back with you, as many estate sales will not allow you to enter into the estate sale with a bigger purse.
  • Do expect to wait in a line, even if you get to the sale early. As most estate sales take place in a home, only a limited number of people will be allowed inside at a given time. Be patient, as you’ll eventually get your turn.
  • Don’t try to negotiate the price of an item during the first day of the estate sale, especially if the estate sale is being professionally managed. Estate sale companies lock items to a fixed price, but with each successive day, a certain percentage will be taken off of the original tag price. This is why the best bargains from estate sales are during the last day of the sale.
  • When purchasing larger items, such as furniture, do ask about pick-up policies, as you can usually pick up larger pieces later on during the day or the next day.  A few companies such as Grasons Co. provides delivery service, it’s one of the reasons they are rated as the #1 estate sale company in Orange County CA
  • Don’t expect for the estate sales organizers to help you load up your purchases, such as furniture items, as they will be busy working the sale. If you plant to purchase larger items, do ask someone to come with you in order to help load the item.
  • Do ask if there are any other sales items in more “hidden” places of the house, such as the basement, garage, attic or backyard. Many if not most estate sales will include items in these areas, and great finds can be made in old boxes stored in the attic or basement.  Although, a true professional company, would bring all these items out for easy viewing.
  • Although it may seem initially uncomfortable, don’t be uneasy about searching through the entire house, if the entire household is being liquidated. This means checking closets, bathrooms and bedrooms is a good idea.

Now that you’ve learned some tips about shopping estate sales, go ahead and check out an upcoming local estate sale in your area, but if you’re in the Orange County area, you wouldn’t want to miss one of Grasons Co. upcoming estate sales.  buyers and followers brag for weeks about their events.


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