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Estate sales are a great avenue to buying a home or real estate investment

reallyFor many of us, real estate investments or buying a new home isn’t on the to-do list. Mainly because we all generally fear that affording a house is not exactly in our reach.

Purchasing a home may be a good idea, although many get stumped with the question of buying a new or an older, lived in house.

There is no question that a new home, just like anything new seems better in so many ways. The layouts are modern, you can customize a newer home to your liking and this home will truly feel like “your home” because there is no history of other families leaving a mark on the property.

However, this can also be the exact reason many choose to buy and older home. The layouts may not be modern, however they are most likely one of a kind. Just as with any other item, a home can be considered an antique. Floors; the foundation of a home are usually something a buyer tends to notice. Many older homes are constructed with beautiful hardwood floors that are not often found within the newer parquet trends. Older homes are also constructed with beautiful detailing and intricate room layouts. High ceilings and hand-carved moldings can add a certain appeal that newer homes may not posses.

The real question is, where do we find these great homes considering the real estate market is only now starting to pick up? Many of us may not know, but estate sales are a great avenue to finding a home for sale. Estate sales can literally be “selling-estates”.  When folks unexpectedly pass on, an estate sale is usually a great way to sell their unwanted items. However, along with those items, homes are often times sold as well. Frequenting estate sales gives one the opportunity to be first in line on purchasing a home to be sold soon after the estate sale is over.  Having the opportunity to preview a home and be first in line, especially in a competitive market such as Orange County, CA is a great opportunity that should not be overlooked.

soldGrasons Co., an Orange County Estate Sale and Consignment store in Huntington Beach CA, specializing in Estate Sales in Orange County shared that 98% of the homes they conduct an estate sale in will sell before they are even listed.  So if you are interested in buying a home, make sure you check out your local estate sales or contact an estate sale coordinator and ask about the homes, you may just capture the home of your dreams and not have to compete with others.


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