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To sell or not to sell?, what items you should or should not sell at an estate sale.

overwhelmedWhether you’ve gone through a divorce, just retired or decided to move from a larger to a smaller home, tag sales are a good way to downsize your personal and at the same time, make a profit. But organizing an estate sale is overwhelming and intimidating, most people rely on an estate sale coordinator to handle the entire project: How do you know what to keep, what to sell? At what price should items sell for?

The following are helpful tips on how to conduct successful estates sales:

*Although you should hire a professional to help organize and conduct your estate sales, realistically, you should only hire a professional if your estate sales value is over $5,000; anything less will not really warrant the need of professional services. Secondly, if you can’t seem to get a competent professional to help you, don’t waste your money. Instead, have a professional appraise all of the items you’re going to sell—this should always be done, in any case—and get family or friends to offer up their services to help you during the sale dates.

*There are no fast, hard rules when it comes to “what to sell, what not to sell” at an estates sale. Essentially, you can and should include any item that you know will most likely be thrown out or sold soon. A helpful way to inventory is by making a list of “do not sell” items list after a trained estate professional has given you prices for the items.

She/he will come to specific values by utilizing several references, including auction records, online resources, various price guides and item catalogues. The items will be priced off of current market demand and the availability of the item in the market, as well as its age and condition. If an item is marked down below thirty percent of what you paid, give it a second thought: while you’ll definitely lose money by selling the item at the tag sale, you may get higher prices for it via an online auction bid service like eBay. Important heirlooms and objects that carry significant personal value are priceless. Even if they’re priced at high values by the estate sales professional, think twice before selling heirlooms and items with a sentimental value, one trusted Orange County estate sales coordinator says “we always encourage our clients to keep the sentimental items, the history and memory in an item from a loved one cannot be appraised or valued, in our eyes it’s priceless”.

*Do sell items that are unique and idiosyncratic if you have absolutely no use for them. If you have new bone china plates that you haven’t used in years, and that you’ll probably never use, why not sell these refined dishes for a high price? Or if you have unique collectible items like rare book collections that have never been read and act only as good mantle pieces, why not sell them to someone who might use them at significantly marked-up prices?.

Until a professional evaluates your items, do not throw anything out, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.  Always rely on a professional estate sale company that has many followers and experience to properly handle your tag sale for guaranteed success.


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