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Orange County Estate Sale company shares the art of saving money in this economy

save moneyAlthough the U.S. economy is still not completely past the recession, the economy is better and stronger than it was two years ago, while shoppers have learned to become savvy and more “re-purpose” consumers. If you’re looking to do some early spring-cleaning while making money on the side, Orange County estates sales have been booming in the past several years. One Long Beach-based appraiser told WalletPop that on average, estate sales make between $5,000 and $8,000 per sale. In particular, artwork, vehicles and fine art objects and the attendance of serious collectors spike up the profits estate sales companies make for their clients.

Today, as saving money is universally appealing and relevant to everyone, estate sales are gradually looking to sell items that appeal to consumers looking for deals on everyday items, alongside more high collectible and fine art items. According to Bright Estate Sales, estate sales attendance has increased between 10 to 20 percent in the past several years; that means that more people are attending estate sales, and that a growing number of consumers are not art dealers or collectors. People are looking to get bargain deals at estate sales, from kitchenware to furniture items. To make the most out of your estate sale buys, attend sales that mix both “high brow” and “low brow”: good estate sales companies will appeal to both collectors and non-collectors. In the past, successful estate sales sold idiosyncratic items like unique textiles, antiques and memorabilia at bargain prices. Today, they sell these items alongside more everyday objects.

When viewing prices on items, trust your gut instinct: never buy anything that seems overly inflated. Do research ahead of time on how much specific items will be priced—especially collectible items—but note that prices inputted by others are frequently inflated. A general rule of them is to only purchase items that are priced in a way that in no way makes you feel like you’re paying too much or feels uncomfortable.

Today, most successful estate sales companies offer regular print or online newsletters, as well as email notices or updated tweets via their Twitter account. If you’re exploring estates sales or a regular goes, make sure to sign up to receive these regular updates, as the next best estate sale may be just around the corner.

Lastly, shop around. Unless you have your heart set on a specific collectible item, check out at least two estate sales before making a purchase. Get a feel of how different estates sales run, and get the best bargain deal possible before purchasing an item.


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2 thoughts on “Orange County Estate Sale company shares the art of saving money in this economy

  1. Cathy Wagner on said:

    Sold everything through an e sale in San Diego – would have cost thousands to move all, so have been attending e sales and purchasing all new and different since my return to Huntington Beach 2 years ago. Now I am hooked on heading to sales on Fridays! At first it was hard to sell all my collections, but it’s a great feeling to unload all that “stuff”!

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