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A full service Orange County Estate Sale company defines spring cleaning

dusting offFor years we have heard and adopted the term “spring cleaning”. For many of us this was usually passed down from our grandmother who would innocently employ us to help her clean out those boxes that have been collecting dust from the early forties.

Most of us probably haven’t given the term spring-cleaning too much thought, but in one form or another most everyone is involved in this tradition every year.

Some believe that the tradition of cleaning the house from top to bottom originated in Iran, with the practice called “khooneh tekouni” which roughly translates to “shaking the house”. Some believe it may have started in Scotland as a way to bring in the New Year. Others have said that spring-cleaning was done to cleanse the home in preparation for the Spring Hebrew holiday of Passover.

Whatever the origin may be, psychologists agree that this practice is actually very therapeutic for the psyche. This is a great way to rid yourself of clutter, a good gateway to a fresh start as well a chance to redecorate.

estate saleHowever, with spring cleaning comes getting rid of some things as well as making room for new ones. This is why spring is a particularly great time to check out consignment and estate sales. Just because you may not have use for something, someone else will. Depending on how many items you have, estate sales are a great way to turn your unwanted items into money-making treasures and maybe even acquire something new you’ll enjoy. This can be anything from something small to snaz up a room or even big purchases such as mid-century furniture or antique dresser.

If you are a newbie to estate sales and consignment stores, it may be a good idea to do some research. You may find that some may be better suited for you than others.  One respected and rated No. 1  for best Orange County Estate Sales, Grasons Co. shared “Experience matters, estate sale companies are popping up everywhere but it’s important that a consumer relies on a company that has a large following of consumers and an excellent track record with the community, estate sales is not simply selling someone’s old things, it requires proper research, planning, and marketing to insure the right audience is captured”.

This Orange County Estate Sale company not only handles the day-to-day household items.  Grasons Co., highly regarded and respected by the Orange County community is experienced and specializes in streamlining the entire estate process.

A full service estate sale company that handles all probate matters.  Whether you need a probate attorney, the listing of a home and all its contents, or vehicle and boat sales.  All complicated matters of a trustee sale become quite simplified when dealing with an experienced Estate Sale company.


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