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Travel back in time with a Huntington Beach Estate Sale company

time travelTime travel has long fascinated scientists, artists, fiction writers and philosophers. H.G. Wells explores the topic in The Time Machine, as the main character time travels to a world that existed over 1,000 years ago. Physicists have acknowledged a general theory of relativity that imagines “space-time” as a time-like curve, which could be traveled through with the proper time machine. Although for now, time travel through “space-time” may only exist in novels and theories, we can imagine time travel by exploring the past as lay historians.

Collecting and studying antiques is one way to re-imagine a past, as antiques act as traces and clues to what once was. For those of us who might not be able to spend thousands of dollars for antique objects sold by Sotheby’s or Christie’s, smaller consignment stores across the country sell incredible antique finds at considerably lower prices.

Grasons Co., based in Huntington Beach, is a local estate company and consignment store in Orange County that sells a wide range of antique and vintage items.

time travel 2Interested in delicate, fine china sets made in Scandinavia, Japan or China? Check out Grasons’ wide selection of fine china items, from teapots and fine-bone tea sets to small lenox vases. Have you recently moved into a new space with your loved one, and are you looking to put special and unique touches to your home? Grasons is currently selling a wide selection of furniture pieces, from a handcrafted, custom mosaic table to a vintage wet bar. We also sell affordable, vintage wicker chairs perfect for the living room, balconies or porches, as well as leather top end tables for the bedroom or living room and beautiful vintage typewriters for writers who prefer analogue technology to digital word processors. For dinner parties, we also sell an idiosyncratic range of glassware, from vintage red and white wine glasses to silver-plate pie trays. As a family owned and operating company, Grasons has always given our customers the special and individual attention they deserve. In addition to selling a range of modern and antique items, Grasons also operates estate sales in Orange County.

To help you retrace the past, check out our wide selection of vintage antique items and collectibles at Grasons, where we honor the tradition of high quality consignment shops. And rather than thinking of antique items as objects that only reflect and explore the past, we at Grasons also believe that antiques retain a timeless and enduring quality.


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