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The Orange County vintage explosion – Celebrate all things vintage this Valentine

Vintage-Valentines-Day-CardWhoever we are and no matter how busy we are, we all have interests that veer outside of our daily lives. Many of us share the love and respect for vintage. In fact over the past years, the vast market for vintage has grown enormously, especially in Orange County, CA. In fact, this has geared many companies to start making new things appear vintage, just to appeal to antique enthusiasts.

In reality, most of us love vintage not only for the look but also for its history. If an item has a background, it gives it more value. Experts are also catching on to this “vintage explosion”. Some say that this is due to the fact that everything we do is based on technology, such as our computers, smart phones, ipads and etc. As a society, we are feeling that most things are no longer “real” and therefore long for a time when things were more simplistic.

What ever the case may be, most vintage lovers know that if they want to find great vintage furniture and collectables, estate sales in Orange County are the places to be. With Valentines Day approaching, many will be looking for great gift ideas for their special someone. Instead of choosing something cliché, why not try and find something one of a kind for them and their home.

If you are new to estate sale shopping, a great place to start is shopping for estate sales online! these sites have an amazing variety of antiques, fine china, silver collections, crystal and mid-century furniture. One very popular Estate Sale company and consignment store in Orange County makes it super easy for anyone to parooze through the offered items without having to leave the comfort of home; this is especially great news for men, who may have shop-a-phobia.

In addition to being able to see many items on the site, this Orange County Estate Sale company has a large consignment store in Huntington Beach, CA frequented by thousands on a weekly basis.  If you are someone who enjoys making a day out of Estate Sales and Consignment shopping, this newly expanded store can be just the hidden treasure you have been looking for and just in in time for Valentine’s Day.


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