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Saving money tops the resolution list in 2013 but it doesn’t mean your shopping has to suffer!

dollar treeBeginning in the 1990s, buying vintage items became all the rage. People began to shop at consignment and vintage stores in order to purchase one-of-a-kind items and save money. People also like vintage clothing because they tend to be better made and last longer than clothes today. Shopping for treasures at estate sales can be one of the best ways to purchase mint-condition vintage items, including vintage jewelry and clothing and collectibles. Estates sales often include items that sell at substantially marked-off prices and prove to be a more interesting than most garage sales. Buying vintage items will also give you a chance to hone your bargaining skills.

Here are some easy tips on making bargain and vintage shopping at estates sales more fun and efficient:

*Check out key locations to find vintage collectibles, old costume jewelry, figurines, vintage purses and postcards. This includes favorite haunts in more old and beaten tracks, rather than stores in fancier and newer neighborhoods. Estate Sales and neighborhood sales can be a great place where you find collectibles and unique finds.

*Before going vintage shopping at an estates sale, it never hurts to know what you are trying to look for and at what price. This list does not have to be specific, but can include broad categories of items. For example, “vintage home décor” and “old books” narrows down your choices, but are open-ended enough for you to be flexible.

*Taking a camera to an estates sale also never hurts; if you lose track of an item, you know what it looks like.

*Carry cash with you, as most estates sales will not take check or credit card.

*For estate sales, planning ahead also always helps. If there are four or five estate sales all happening around the same part of town, why not be an efficient navigator and go to as many estates sales as you can to find what you are looking for?

estate saleHowever, if you love vintage items but are not a big fan of spending the weekends going from one estates sales to another, there are also great consignment stores throughout the country, such as Grasons Co in Huntington Beach, California, which sell a range of quality vintage items, including vintage furniture and vintage home accessories. Grasons also provides its customers with an online catalog, which allows customers to purchase items for sale with only a few clicks of the mouse.  Go ahead and shop til you drop in 2013 and save lots of money while you’re at it.


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