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Special vintage is the gift you’ll find in estate sales and consignment!

We all are guilty of keeping things that have been handed down to us and that we will probably never use. Most of these things have little to no value and sit in our garage collecting dust.

However, those of us who were lucky to inherit antique or collectable pieces usually proudly display them in a fancy case for everyone to see. Although these items tend to be passed down from generation to generation, some items don’t always find the perfect place in our homes.

As much as we don’t like to admit it, our grandmothers silver wear, candle stick and fine china could be better off in the hands of a collector or enthusiast who will thoroughly enjoy or display the pieces.

This is why estate sales are sometimes considered a plethora of hidden treasures. From vintage jewelry and designer clothing to antique table dressings estate sales offer a huge variety of one of a kind pieces. Rest assured that if you find something, it would most likely be one of a kind.

If you are new to estate or consignment shopping, be aware that it may be overwhelming. Depending on your shopping personality, you may expect to spend most of your day looking and admiring every little thing. A good rule of thumb is to make a conscious decision as to what primarily you may be looking for. This can be as vague as saying interior décor, jewelry or furniture. This will help to steer you in the right direction. Take your time looking over the pieces, as some may be deceiving as there is usually only one of each. Most items have a story or a background so don’t be afraid to ask about the history of the piece. In fact this may be the selling point. Estate sales are also great for finding unique gifts. If you are sick of buying the same sort of things at Macy’s or other department stores, try a consignment gift instead.

At times you may walk in with something in mind yet find something totally out of the ordinary, for a great price! This is the essence of estate sales and consignment shopping (being impulsive can sometimes pay off)!



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