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How to setup an estate sale and should you hire an estate sale company?

Whether you call it a trustee sale, tag sale, probate sale or an Estate Sale, these sales can be quite fun and exciting to attend, but for many on the other side of the fence, an estate sale is either a confusing subject or too stressful to even think about.  An Estate Sale is an organized sale that involves all the contents of a home.  Many estate sales are organized because the homeowners have retired, passed on, moved to assisted living, downsizing to a smaller home or many other reasons requiring all the contents of the home to be sold in a timely manner.

If you frequent estate sales, it’s easy to notice the variations in the way they are setup and the people involved in setting them up.  Some estate sales are  setup by the homeowners directly without a third-party involved, others seem quite unorganized and have a feel of a “glorified garage sale” one of the most popular questions asked beside what’s the difference between a garage sale and an estate sale?, is what’s the difference between setting up your own estate sale or hiring an estate sale company to handle the sale?.

In order to achieve an answer to such a question, one must understand the key benefits in hiring an estate sale company, some reasons can be duplicated but other reasons are impossible to achieve because they are based on a long-term experience in an industry that is based on knowledge gained over many years and relationships with the right contacts built along the way.  Here are the top 5 reasons most people choose to hire an estate sale company to handle their estate sale instead of tackling it on their own.

  1. An Estate Sale professional is experienced in properly pricing items based on current market value and what the market customers are willing to pay.
  2. An Estate Sale company has a large following of regular clients that frequent their estate sales, not to mention the implemented marketing strategies prior and during their sales.
  3. A well established estate sale coordinator is well equipped and has an entire team setup to handle the labor intensive tasks required in organizing, pricing, moving and hauling away furniture, including deliveries of larger items to buyers .
  4. A collector of a particular item is willing to pay more for the item than an average buyer.  Industry contacts are key and an experienced estate sale company has the industry contacts available to connect just the right buyer with a seller.
  5. Multiple sources of income – Many experienced and well established estate sale companies do not only utilize the home to maximize on the selling benefits, proper planning goes into every detail.  Online sales, consignment, credit card acceptance on-site, etc…

Not to say that one is not capable of holding their own estate sale, but the labor intensive tasks combined with proper planning and knowledge of the industry is what makes many people shy away from even attempting such a rigorous task.  Many respected estate sale companies can go over all the details with a prospective client over the phone.  Hiring someone to sell your precious items and handle your sale with care is quite personal.  A good estate sale company should take the time to explain all the details with you, meet face to face in order to establish a connection and a good understanding of all the details involved in order to help you make an informed decision on how to set up an estate sale and whether you should hire an estate sale company.


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