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What’s the difference between an Estate Sale and a Garage Sale

We’ve all heard of Estate Sales, Tag Sales, but what makes those different from a Garage Sale?, a common question asked by many people attending an estate sale for the first time.  The immediate an obvious answer when attending an estate sale is the well-organized items with prices marked on each item and the shopping doesn’t just stop in the driveway or in the garage but rather continues throughout the entire house.  So what makes the estate Sales different from garage sales?.

Most people once or twice a year have a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items such as old children’s clothing, unwanted furniture items and random items from throughout the home.  Generally these items are sold for pennies and dollars, most people figure they’ll give a garage sale a try and earn a few bucks since the plan is to donate or throw out these items.  Their collectibles and valuables are rarely included in a garage sale, but frequent garage sale seekers get lucky every once in a while at getting a great deal for a great item that the seller is eager to get rid of but is not an expert at pricing.

An Estate sale or tag sale takes place when the entire contents of a household must be liquidated, the reasons can vary from someone moving out-of-state, into a retirement home, or a death in the family.  Generally, the task is quite overwhelming for family members to handle since all the contents must be sold in a timely manner.  Most family members are busy and are not experienced to properly value the items to be sold, they generally rely on an experienced estate sale coordinator to evaluate, organize, appraise, market and sell the contents for the most value.  A professional estate sale company generally has a large following of buyers and has a database of buyers that seek particular items, thus getting the seller the most value for their item.

Setting up an estate sale is not an easy task, it takes proper planning and an action plan on properly marketing to the right audience seeking exactly what is offered.  An experienced estate sale company uses every avenue to appraise, plan, organize and market the upcoming local estate sale.  Finding an experienced estate sale company is very important, in recent years with people finding themselves out of a job and nothing to turn to, many decided that holding an estate sale is an easy way to earn a few bucks, after all “you sell other people’s stuff and make money right?”, wrong!.

A well established, and experienced estate sale company has a team that holds regular estate sales, and a list of references readily available, the team is built to conduct the evaluation, plan, research, appraising process and a marketing strategy to the right audience in order to maximize the earnings for the seller.  The success of an estate sale company should be rated based on the success of its clients.  When seeking an estate sale coordinator, it’s important to ask the right questions, here’s a list of some good questions to ask:

  • How many estate sales do you conduct a month?
  • How many members are in your team and what is their role?
  • How many buyers follow your estate sales?
  • Do you also use the power of the internet to market my estate sale?
  • Do you have a consignment option for the unsold items?
  • Do you only sell the items on location or do you use the internet to a bigger audience?
  • Do you have a list of references we can contact for your prior estate sales?…The answer better be “YES” or you hang up the phone

A professional business makes it their goal to not only provide the best service, but to also educate their clients on the service they provide.  A well-informed customer is more likely to use the services again and more eager to refer the services in the future.  Finding a list of estate sale companies is easy, choosing the right one is more difficult, understanding the difference between an Estate Sale and a Garage sale is half the battle, but understanding the difference between an estate sale and a successful estate sale is what we hope you’ve gained here in order to make better informed decisions.


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